Why Daniel Taub is in the News

One thing is clear about what Daniel Taub believes. He believes that there is still a nuclear bomb in the making with Iran. Who is this man? Daniel Taub is Israel’s ambassador to the UK, and his position is that the Geneva deal will create danger.

Taub is making news because he has thrown some ideas out there about what is happening in the world. His thoughts are that new alliances are forming. The alliances although somewhat unexpected, he believes that they are in the making with the Jewish state and some long-standing antagonists. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Taub stands on this as the evidence that Iran is still planning to launch an attack. Tehran and the meeting they held with world powers signed the Geneva accord early Sunday morning at 4 a.m. Although this was signed, Taub does not believe that this means a resolution has been made between the powers that be.

A team from Israel flew in early on Monday to seek wisdom on the deal, and to find out how better partnerships could be formed in an attempt to bring world peace to fruition. Are more radical partnerships the answer?

Mr. Taub believes that perhaps Israel would do well to cooperate with Sunni countries. This includes Gulf states and Saudi Arabia as well because they are all concerned about what is transpiring regarding nuclear capabilities.

He also made mention in a recent interview about the fundamental differences these countries have and whether or not they could rise above them to take a more personal approach to the whole thing. Mr. Taub takes the view that attempting to deepen relationships with each other using natural resources together and focusing on one ideal alliance is what can bring positive change to these countries.

Ultimately, Mr. Taub discusses parties and the changes that are coming. He knows that changes need to be made, but most importantly, it comes down to parties making changes that they may never have considered before.

This is okay, and it should be something all parties consider. Looking for opportunity is what gives us more of a leg to stand on and we are more likely to remain focused on relationship.

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