What Have You Done For Your Lips Lately?

In recent years, leaders in the cosmetic industry have enjoyed a significant increase in business due to the recent trends in beauty. From face pallets to the latest skin care systems, it is no doubt that the recent trends have revolutionized the world of beauty. While the excitement of painted faces and expensive skin care lines may interest some, for many, it’s still all about the basics. Knowing that beautiful skin starts with proper skin care, the team of professionals at Evolution of Smooth began formulating skin care products geared toward a variety of different skin types. Their most popular product-tiny lip balm spheres. Though they are tiny, one should not be fooled by their size. These petite balms are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that both protect and soothe your lips, for a beautiful look and feel.

Daring to jump into an industry filled with fierce competition and endless options, the small skin care company planted their roots in New York City in 2006. It would take them nearly three years to perfect the tiny moisture packed spheres, and less than a few months to take the world by storm. Available in an array of different flavors and fragrances, the petite sized balms quickly helped EOS lip balm rise to fame in the cosmetic industry. While consumers can’t seem to get enough of the all natural and organic balms, it is obvious that there is a bit of favoritism amongst the variety of flavors. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a crimson-pink colored sphere, harvesting a lightly scented balm packed with natural extracts aimed at healing and preventing dry lips, and is one of the most popular among its siblings.

Strawberry Sorbet: http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-strawberry-sorbet/-/A-13731791

Lightly scented and eye catching, the Pomegranate Raspberry balm has made its way into the hands, pockets and purses of consumers all over. As always, all EOS balms are 100% natural and 95% certified organic. Featuring vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, EOS pomegranate raspberry is the perfect solution for every day moisture as well as repairing dry damaged lips. Join the movement, pucker up and treat yourself to irresistibly smooth lips with EOS.

EOS lip balm products are available on your local Target stores, Walmart, and Ulta. The products are also available online on Racked.com and Amazon.