Vinny Parascandola And His Excellent Performance At AXA Advisors

Many appreciate the services of AXA Advisors but only a few know that the French multinational insurance firm rose from humble beginnings to its current status. Equally, the firm’s Senior Vice President, Vinny Parascandola, rose from a modest background to the high position of a business executive who has steered the insurance giant into what it is today. Parascandola features prominently as one of the top executives who have helped the company consolidate its year on year growth in different portfolios including global insurance, financial security, and venture management.


As a respectable financial guru, Vinny started with the administrative roles that saw him hold the post of the Executive Vice President of the Advantage Group, a subsidiary of AXA Equitable. This was after a successful career at the MONY Insurance Group where he served for 16 years. Vinny came out as a shrewd and hardworking executive at AXA Equitable, and his efforts got him more recognition. He headed the firm’s subsidiaries in different divisions and his knack for success catapulted him to the top rank he holds today.


With Vinny Parascandola in charge, AXA gained popularity with its efforts to help people plan their financial future. Parascandola focus was to see the firm recruiting and retaining executives who would guide clients and assist them to invest and manage risks in the insurance and investment sector. The Senior Executive Vice President helped introduce customized solutions to address the needs and interests of individual client clusters.


Vinny Parascandola career spans more than 20 years in the insurance industry. His achievements are a clear indication that he is passionate about success for the company. Previously, he has won several awards, and he is a recognized speaker within industry circles. His proficiency with insurance strategies and investment development best practices has helped sustain AXA’s growth. Currently, AXA is among the firms that hold the highest growth index parameters within the sector globally. Today, the company has a significant presence in more than five continents, and the positive trend can be attributed to Parascandola’s efforts. With Vinny’s expertise and natural desire to improve his life and that of his clients, AXA Advisors is likely to attain even greater achievements.