Vijay Eswaran’s Take On The Sphere Of Silence

Vijay Eswaran is one of the world’s leaders in direct selling along with the founders of Amway Corporation and Mary Kay, though his brand at QI Group is about bringing in a way for those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to make their own money. Eswaran also is a philosopher and writer who believes in observing spiritual routines, though he doesn’t claim any specific religion to do so. But he does believe that in listening and observing things around you and pausing to reflect on what you’ve done can be a great help, and that’s what he wrote about in his book “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

Eswaran wrote that book over 10 years ago, yet he believes that it’s more important than ever in today’s world because technology is creating more distractions than ever. Eswaran also holds to a believe that a Tibetan monk once told him about always being two minutes away from the abyss. This means that you never know when your life could come to an end, and you should live your life with this sense of urgency in mind. Eswaran also believes that you should get to your goal by making personal sacrifices for others.

Vijay Eswaran has studied under some tremendous business leaders as a student at the London School of Economics, and a graduate assistant at Southern Illinois University where he got his master’s and later his PhD. He chose multilevel marketing because he realized there was no limit to how far anyone could go with it, and he understood that it was a great industry where you could succeed only if others succeeded. So he and Joseph Bismark built QI Group Ltd. and their main company QNet where most direct selling takes place through an e-commerce platform. Along with it they also provided business funding through QI Asset Management, a logistics company at Quex Courier and even education at QI University in Ipoh City, though they’re now building a green campus in Kuala Lumpur. Eswaran also works with RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayratnam Foundation to help struggling communities across Asia.

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