The Ultimate Story of Gregg Secker

In an interview with the CEO/CFO Magazine, Gregg Secker talked about his life as a CEO and what inspires him to succeed in life. As an entrepreneur, Gregg Secker always lives up to his philosophy, “I’m not a why guy, I’m a why not man.” This philosophy has guided him to achieve a lot in life. His passion in finance started a while back when he was in college.

He studied agriculture and food science in college. Despite this, he managed to spare time to learn how to code which became a hobby. He eventually built a 3d model that showed the fluid dynamics of a follicle. He did this while he was still pursuing a degree in agriculture and food science.

He started working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. At this company, his love for finance grew. He was able to learn about the forex trade and gain the necessary skills in forex trade. These skills in addition to his passion for coding facilitated Gregg Secker to build a virtual trading desk. The virtual trading desk was a huge success as it was the only online currency trading platform.

Later on, Gregg Secker quit his job at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He started his own company that deals in forex trade. Besides running his business, Gregg Secker is an inspirational speaker. He has spoken at many seminars. The workshops include; National Achievers Congress, The Wealth Expos, and the Success Commit Congress. Gregg Secker loves speaking in seminars as it allows him to share his passion and experiences to the young entrepreneurs.

Gregg Secker philanthropy

In spite of his success, Gregg Secker has remained humble. He runs a foundation, The Gregg Secker Foundation; this organization helps teach vital life skills to youths from all over the world. Moreover, he is the current ambassador of City philanthropy. City philanthropy is a program that campaigns for entrepreneurs and businesses to incorporate philanthropy in their enterprises of activities.

Currently, Gregg Secker is running a program in the Philippines. This program seeks to empower people of Filipino with life skills and entrepreneurial skills. The program will help them to be able to be innovators.