The Real Real Builds Brand Awareness With Pop-Up Store Events

Online luxury consignor The Real Real is using pop-up stores to expand brand loyalty, and acquire customers by offering physical shopping experiences. Originally selling from a brick and mortar location in NYC, The Real Real has built a trusted online reputation but is diving back into in-store shopping experiences for their loyal customers. “2018 is the year of the pop-up” proclaimed director of marketing Allison Sommer. Marketing strategies for The Real Real include pop-up stores; giving customers a hands-on shopping experience that many consumers crave. Sommer spoke about the legitimacy of street-level shopping while speaking in Miami at the FutureStores conference. Reportedly in 2016, The Real Real experienced a $2 million dollar profit while hosting a pop-up store event in NYC.

The company has determined that physical sales builds brand loyalty, and increases purchase totals per customer by 6 times the amount of an average online order. Establishment of brand awareness has been proven in new markets such as San Francisco, where they experienced continuing high-sales volume long after the wrap up of a 2-month pop-up store first introduced at the beginning of the holiday season.

Future marketing plans use temporary pop up store events in regions that are not exposed to pop-up stores on a normal basis. Customers that interact with the pop-up stores will fall in love with the unique merchandise, pricing, and perks of being a repeat buyer. Loyalty will influence the friends and family of the customer, and further establish a strong online following of the luxury consignor.

Got extra stuff? The Real Real can help you get rid of it and make a profit. The Real Real is an online consignment store that sells gently-used luxury items at up to 90% off regular retail prices. This is a win-win for many people who love Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, but don’t want to hoard designer items in their closets. Easy solutions for selling unwanted designer items makes The Real Real appealing, even to celebrities like Khloe Kardashian. Simply create an online profile, and receive a $25 credit toward your first purchase. Prepaid shipping packaging, free pick-up available in 21 cities, or drop-offs at Luxury Consignment Offices are all easy methods offered by the company.