The Prevalence of Goettl Air Conditioning’s Zone Controlled Heating Mechanism

With its offices in Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Goettl Air Conditioning has demonstrated the benefits of zone controlled heating in many ways. Several Las Vegas families have benefited from Goettl’s air conditioning products and services. Michael Gamst, Goettl’s manager, visited families in the city and helped them acquire new heat and air conditioning units free of charge. In collaboration with Triple5teens, a charitable organization, Gamst’s company also donated gifts to the families that were visited. Las Vegas residents were excited about the company’s initiatives.

Zone-Controlled Heating

Goettl Air Conditioning is also known for technology-oriented approaches meant to advocate for energy conservation. The company focused on reducing the heating bills of clients by providing them with energy efficient heat units. Goettl’s HVAC systems operate through a mechanism known as zone controlled heating. This mechanism allows thermostats to be spread in different parts of a house.

The HVAC system is also programmed to heat a room depending on the temperature zones of where a house is situated. HVAC systems that operate through this mechanism will heat rooms on a room-by-room basis. According to Goettl’s manager, the company is focused on cutting down energy bills using the latest technologies in the HVAC industry.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Since 1926, Goettl’s mission has been to serve clients with the right HVAC solutions. Goettl is one of the pioneers in the U.S. air conditioning and heating sector. The company’s success story began when the Goettl brothers moved in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926. Bill, Adam, and John later relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to look for opportunities after the Great Depression. In their pursuit of new opportunities, Goettl Air Conditioning was created. Today, the company is known for its bulk production of heating and cooling devices such as evaporative coolers. The company also owns the rights to over 100 patents.