“The Greyhound Diaries’: A Look At Struggling Americans Nationwide Presented By Doug Levitt

‘The Greyhound Diaries’ is a novel written by Doug Levitt. The book is a collection of stories, pictures, songs and memories of Americans that ride Greyhound busses. The book is based on Levitt’s over 100,000 miles traveled on the busses over a 10 year period. The people he met on those Greyhound busses were struggling to get by. The book is modeled on the initiatives of the WPA in the 1930s to get a accurate portrait of how Americans were living during that time of crisis. ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ attempts to tell the stories of how modern Americans are dealing with the crises they face today.


The book reveals the myriad encounters Levitt had with the struggling American that ride Greyhound busses every day. It shows some of the many problems they face and the impact it’s had on them and their families. The riders shared intimate stories of how they’re surviving and how the tough economic times affecting their lives and the towns and cities in which they live. The stories reflect the grim reality of the types of problems they face. The book shows a daunting American experience of which few people around the country are aware. The book is accompanied by EP recordings and a web series.


Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter. He is former Washington, D.C. mayoral candidate and City Council member Carol Schwartz’s youngest child. A graduate of Cornell University and a Fulbright Scholar, Levitt attended London School of Economics where he earned a masters degree in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. He then became a London-based foreign correspondent for NBC, ABC, CNN and many other news organizations covering the conflicts in Bosnia, Iran and Rwanda.


Levitt’s father, David Schwartz, committed suicide when Doug was 16 years old. He said that influenced his decision to become an artist. His Greyhound Diaries project has yielded two EP recordings, a web series, several photography shows and a book. Levitt has performed pieces from the work at shelters, ex-offender programs, Southern Poverty Law Center, Walter Reed Military Hospital, the Woody Guthrie Center, The Kennedy Center and many other venues.