The Correlation between Fashion and Technology

According to Chris Burch, the tech and the fashion industries have a correlation, and over the years, the two industries have maintained a constant growth. While technology becomes fashionable, style, on the other hand, becomes technologically fashionable. The growth journey between the two is fascinating. A glimpse at their past and present can give light to what shines ahead for the two.


A Peek of the Past and the Present


Looking at how technology has metamorphosed, one can say that it grows with what one considers fashionable. For instance in the 70’s the boom box allowed one to carry favorite tunes and stations, with one side playing the music while the other recorded. This was, however, to be replaced in the 90’s by the Walkman which gave a more personal experience in music. A decade down the line, the experience has been made smaller by the invention of the iPod.


Synthesis in these two industries is still happening with fashion designers using technology to create what they see delivering. Anouk Wippretch is a Dutch fashion designer who marries fashion with technology. She relates technology to a playground of an experiment where when you dive deeper and deeper, it rewards you with endless possibilities. She is famous for her experimental designs. Some of her designs include the self-painting dress, drink-making dress and the DareDroid and the Pseudomorphs.


Fashion and Technology Relationship


Fashion apply technology to create protective gear for the bike protection which might not be considered fashionable. A good example is a system by Anna Haupt, and Teresa Alstin whereby and airbag pops from the neck to protect the wearer from a crash impact.


One can create energy by marrying fashion and technology. Movement can easily be converted to electric power. By marrying the two, it is easy to capture the kinetic energy and use it in new fashion design to power electronic such as mp3 and watches. Soledad Martin is applying this knowledge on a shoe prototype that will allow the wearer charge a cell phone while walking or running.


Fashion and technology are supposed to assist each other in gaining popularity. For instance, consider the Google glasses; from a technology geek point of view, they are intriguing. The problem, however, is that there is a stigma associated with wearing glasses.


To come to the rescue, models for Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, wore the glasses while on the catwalk. From this experience, a fashion show woke people up to the latest trend and style and acceptance of new technology.


About Chris Burch


  1. Cristopher Burch is the founder and CEO of New York-based Burch Creative Capital. The firm involves in managing ventures and brand development. On top of personal investments, he is also an investor with Guggenheim Partners. He became a billionaire in 2012 and appeared the Forbes Magazine of world’s billionaires.


Chris joined the fashion industry while still an undergraduate at Ithaca College when he joined hands with his brother to start Eagles Eye clothing with an initial investment of $2,000. They bought sweaters at $10 and sold them for 15$.


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