The Affordable Stock Based Loaning Alternative Provided By Equities First Holdings In The Current Shifting Loaning Market.

Equities First Holdings is an integral and trusted loaning firm that makes it possible for certain individuals and organizations to borrow loans. The company has maintained its brand of providing the leading alternative global lending option in the midst of emerging news that many banks are increasing the qualifications for prospective borrowers. EFH has recently recorded increasing transactions over 650 in the count of clients preferring the stock based loans over the traditional credit loans raising its net worth to over $1.4 billion dollars.

Christy explained that the stock-based loans and credit-based loans are often mistaken to have the same benefits and pointed out their notable differences in transaction and rewards. The stock-based loans have a fixed interest rate of about three to four percent. The credit ratio of the stock-based loans ranges between fifty and seventy-five percent. Another major benefit of the option is that it has no restrictions on the money, meaning that the money borrowed can be used in any preferred venture. In case the value of the stock in consideration decreases, the borrower is at liberty to terminate the transaction entirely without a requirement of involvement in further transactions.

Only borrowers with a preexisting qualification earn the credit loans from firms. The money expenditure option is chosen by the company only, restricting the debtor from using it in any other venture. The interest rates on the margin loans are inconsistent. They also have a loan to value ratio of ten to fifty percent. In case a margin call arises during the life of the transaction, the lender has the right to dismiss the collateral item without forewarning.

Christy concluded by adding that EFH has maintained a highly ranked professionalism while processing their clients’ transactions from the beginning to maturity. The code that they run their business with ensures that their customers enjoy the full benefits of choosing EFH as their lending firm. Upon maturity of loans, EFH always returns the collateral items to their clients. They have also maintained open communication lines to address other issues of concern to their customers.

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