Talk It Out With Talkspace

Depression is common, but there is a stigma that comes with it, making it hard for some to accept and begin coping with. Often, embarrassment is the most common reason for silence and isolation during stages of depression. The fear of being judged because of our own thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming, making it difficult to share our thoughts and feelings with others.

When we are depressed, we feel “less than”. It is discouraging, to say the least, and coping can be more difficult when you don’t truly understand your own thoughts or feelings.

The stigma placed on depression simply comes from lack of knowledge. When someone doesn’t fully understand depression, an opportunity for judgment presents itself. This fear of judgment can make it even more difficult to seek help. This can be potentially dangerous for someone who is suffering from depression. Feelings of shame and isolation may also provoke other negative thoughts or feelings, making the condition even more difficult to cope with. Talking with someone you trust about your feelings is a great way to ease depression, and help regain your smile. A release of negative energy is good for us all.

A network of therapists in New York recently recognized the need for more accessible care in the mental health field. Understanding the fear that often comes with facing depression and the effect the stigma has on its victims, they created Talkspace. Patients now have the opportunity to participate in discreet therapy sessions, right from the comfort of their own home, and at a significantly lesser cost. Patients are connected to a licensed therapist who is committed to helping them find their smile again.