Jason Hope’s contribution to the efforts towards termination of aging

Jason Hope has become fascinated with addressing and looking for solutions for diseases that affect the aged. He has published a book. In his book, he highlights some of the common illnesses that accompany old age. The most common diseases that are most of the time associated with old age include cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and numerous heart diseases. He had as well gone ahead and discussed the various methods of preventing the mentioned diseases.

Jason has become a significant and frequent donor of the SENS Foundation. SENS Foundation is a charity fund that focuses on enabling the public to access necessary technology to curb the diseases that associate with old age. The foundation is led by Aubrey de Grey. Jason supports this foundation to enable them to come up with ways of prolonging lives. Jason Hope has also participated in funding other such organizations. These include Family Health International, the Arizona Science Center, Andre Agassi Foundation and Worldwide Orphans foundation among others.

Aubrey, just like Jason Hope, has a desire to reduce the problems that come alongside aging. He sees the company through conducting pharmaceutical and medical research. He as well makes donations to SENS Foundation. The foundation has also received massive contributions from Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal.

Hope most generous and most recognized donation is the half a million dollars that he gave to the SENS Foundation. It was put to use in the research and development of medicine by the name AGE- breakers. The medication is to reduce the weakening of an individual’s skin and veins. The amount also enabled a laboratory opening in the United Kingdom.

Jason Hope was born in Tempe. He attended a state university. It is there that he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration. From then henceforth, Jason has become a successful investor and entrepreneur. He has some companies in his name. He is also well known in the United States for his exceptional ability to make substantial technological predictions. Contrary to his investment skills, Jason’s involvement with the SENS Foundations is entirely benevolent.

Jason owns a website that allows students to request and access loans. The loans are purposed to finance the student’s creative ideas to realities. To qualify for Jason’s grants, one has to come up with a very innovative idea, has to be a student and the idea has to incorporate modern technology. He also uses the website as a platform to educate young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

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