End Citizens United Fires Up Its Endorsements for 2018

As the reverberations of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court Decision continue to upend campaign finance activities, the political action committee (PAC) End Citizens United is working tirelessly to mitigate the damage. Founded in 2015, the group was created to staunch the flow of corporate money into U.S. politics. There are a number of ways End Citizens United is supporting campaign finance reform, but, as the 2018 midterm elections approach, their efforts are currently focused on supporting reform-minded candidates.

End Citizens United is channeling its financial resources, raised entirely through grassroots efforts, 400,000 strong and growing, towards candidates who support finance reform. The group has already made a number of endorsements for 2018, and here are some the more prominent campaigns receiving help from End Citizens United.

Beto O’Rourke

Challenging one of the country’s most divisive politicians, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, O’Rourke has been a vocal supporter of campaign finance reform. Currently representing Texas’s 16 congressional district, he is one of only 6 members of the House of Representative to refuse contributions from big money donors and PACs.

Randy Bryce

Bryce was all set to challenge one of the GOP’s biggest names, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district. Ryan’s decision not to seek reelection must have been a welcome development, but the Army vet and former ironworker was already out-raising Ryan by a significant margin.

Jacky Rosen

Running against Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, a big-money tycoon, this congresswoman has plenty of experience fighting for campaign finance reform. As the representative from Nevada’s 3rd District, Rosen has sponsored or co-sponsored a number of campaign finance reform bills.

Elissa Slotkin

A former CIA agent, Slotkin will need to draw on those resources to outmaneuver incumbent Mike Bishop in Michigan’s 8th District. Bishop is one of 20 candidates on End Citizens United’s Big Money 20 list. He has voted against campaign finance limits throughout his career, and the PAC is hoping Slotkin will be the agent to take him down.

Brendan Kelly

Challenging another Big Money 20 incumbent, Kelly is an Illinois State Attorney with a storied record of challenging the rights of special interest groups.

Andy Kim

A former Rhodes Scholar, Kim is a first-time candidate who is among the several dozen candidates to take End Citizens United pledge, promising to forgo any corporate funding in his fight for New Jersey’s 3rd District.

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