Jason Hope Believes A Merger Between The Internet Of Things And The Blockchain Will Be A Good Thing

Jason Hope, entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist, is an expert in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), and he is also interested in blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is now valued at more than $100 billion, but companies like JP Morgan Chase & Co are having a hard time accepting the reality of this new kind of currency. They aren’t the only one who is doubting cryptocurrency, but there are also plenty of people and companies that believe that it will be the future of our financial world.

Jason Hope has watched as the IoT gets lumped into the same category as cryptocurrencies have and is baffled by it. The IoT has to do with everyday objects, items, or anything really that is connected to the internet. A spy cam that is operated from afar, a juicer that can start making juice as soon as you push a button on your phone, or a semi-truck that is guided by sensors are all examples of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is excited by the technology and believes that it will change the world for the better. He has been advocating for the IoT for quite some time but is also highly aware of the fact that there will also be some new security challenges that come with it.

Jason Hope has commented about the fact that security in many IoT devices is not very great, and he is hoping for some stronger security measures in the future. One of the ways that a greater form of security for the IoT may happen is through blockchain technology. It has done wonders in the world of cryptocurrency, and experts are now looking to it as a possible answer for the IoT. Some feel that a joining of the two could create something truly incorruptible, but others are not convinced. Hope believes their minds will change soon enough when they realize the potential of a merger between the two.

Jason Hope studied at Arizona State University where he earned a degree in Finance. He has donated large sums of money to causes that he finds worthy and serves the youth as a mentor who helps them to create businesses out of their ideas.