Securus Technologies saves inmates thousands and solves crimes

Securus Technologies, the leading provider of prison telephony services throughout the United States, has been widely lauded for its large lineup of products that serve both inmates and staff in ways the competition only dreams of.


One of Securus’ most popular products has proven to be its suite of video visitation systems. These have been a blessing for the families of inmates who, in times past, would have been forced to drive hundreds of miles to see their incarcerated loved ones for just a few hours. This has allowed for inmates who may have passed their entire sentence without seeing their families more than a few times to keep in nearly constant touch with those who give their lives meaning.


An example of exactly how much value video visitation has added to the lives of inmates and their families can be illustrated with a real-life example. One inmate, from San Diego, CA, was convicted of armed robbery. He was sent to San Quentin, located 700 miles away on the shores of the San Francisco bay. For the first 5 years of his sentence, he only saw his family, a poor clan of Hispanic agricultural workers, once. The one time they went to visit him, it cost them $2000 by the time all was said and done. They couldn’t afford to visit again.


Then Securus video visitation was installed. Suddenly the cost of a 15 minute, face-to-face visitation dropped from $2000 to $2. The inmate talked weekly to his family for the rest of his stay and, upon release, did not recidivate.


But such enormous benefits are not limited to inmates. Video visitation allows staff to monitor all calls and prevent illegal activity from being carried out on prison grounds. Ultimately, between crime prevention and lower recidivism, Securus video visitation saves not just dollars but lives.