Securus Technologies Moving Forward

Securus Technologies is working hard to transform the overall experience of prisoners across North America. They understand that one of the greatest tragedies in life is to be locked up. Securus Technologies specializes in providing innovative solutions to the needs of staff and inmates in local prisons. One of Securus Technologies’ most effective innovations was the automated complaint report form. The automated complaint report form allows prisoners to register their problems with staff in much less time than it used to take. Staff are then able to view and test it, making sure that it passes the bars of reputability.


Before, staff had to fill out time consuming paper forms if there was an issue that a prisoner had with their experience. This often resulted in wasted efficiencies and prisoners going unrepresented. Securus Technologies is working to make the life of families and those incarcerated much more enjoyable. Securus Technologies offers video chat and phone services, so that families do not have to worry about standing in lines for hours to see their loved one. The goal is to make everyone more satisfied. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and they are glad to be serving more and more people in the vast criminal justice system of the United States.


Patents have been secured that will enable the company to grow and prosper, providing the utmost quality to all of its customers. Staff in prisons throughout North America trust Securus Technologies to provide technological improvements on time and under budget. If you, or your local corrections institution wants to inquire further about Securus Technologies and what they can do for your prison, make sure to contact them by calling 972-734-1111.


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