Securus Launches Multi-State Campaign For Their Services

Securus has released their multi-state campaign for video visitation, and each customer who has become familiar with the Securus name connects with family on a personal level. I have done so on multiple occasions, and I have lovely conversations with incarcerated friends who are most in-need of my words.


#1: Video Visitation Is Beautiful To Behold


Video visitation services connect us through the video camera on my phone, and I may see my friend who sits in jail. Securus is a new service that offers video connections just as any other video chat service would work. We speak for a few minutes, and we may hang up when ready.


#2: Securus Reaches Many Prisons


I reach several prisons through their video visitation service, and It have called several times over the same network. I see the calls come through with crystal clear fidelity, and I use the calls to ensure our family is together. I have gathered several people around for calls in the past, and I am quite excited about the prospect of bringing more people to my next video call.


#3: The Service Is Simplified For My Benefit


I use the service often as I am seeking information about my friends, and I make calls using simple steps. I have never felt confused using the Securus system, and I believe other users have had a similar experience. We are deeply indebted to Securus for providing such a lovely service, and I see my friends with a regularity that would simply not be possible in other cases.


I wish to share Securus with as many people as possible, and each new family finding the service will feel the same relief I once did. Securus video visitation and their ad campaign sets you free of the worry and stress associated with loving an inmate.

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