Rocketship Education: Believing in Every Kids Potential

Rocketship Education is an educational institution founded in 2007 which focuses on the potential of its students and how they can be developed. The school originated as a small community institution which later grew and now has expanded into eighteen branches. Rocketship Education currently administers twelve schools in California, one school in Wisconsin, three schools in Tennessee, and two schools in Washington, D.C. Rocketship Education does not uphold the traditional way of learning, but they diversified into new methods of how children can gain knowledge.

Rocketship Education considers itself as a big family involving the students, teachers, parents, and the community itself. They are wanted to change the future for the better, so they invest with children and teaching them the things that they have to learn to make the world a better place. Rocketship Education has five primary characteristics, and each of these features is molding the children to become a better person. The first aspect is becoming authentic. They believe that being transparent would influence everyone to develop their honesty, and it would positively affect every decision that a child makes. Next would be interacting and understanding the community – because Rocketship Education knows that by expanding their influence to the community, it would help the children understand how they should live. It also helps the school attain their goals in educating the children and helping them show their full potential. The next characteristic would be tenacity, which tells that one should never surrender and they have to keep on trying. Perseverance is a great trait that they teach to the children, letting them know how it would help them in the future. Rocketship Education also believes in innovation and development and would like their students to keep on pursuing excellence.

With the traits that the school has, they know that they can influence the children into becoming responsible adults in the future. Rocketship Education also invested in teachers that would help shape the children to prepare them for tomorrow. With the system and model that the Rocketship Education is promoting, parents are becoming encouraged to send their child to Rocketship Schools so that they can be successful later in life.