Robert Santiago Brazil’s Expansion Entrepreneur

Robert Santiago is from the coastal city of Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He attended Saint Pius X College run by the Marist Brothers and Fathers. Robert Santiago participated at the Jaoa Pessoa College and acquired a Business Administration degree. Robert Santiago made his first steps into the world of business when he became employed by Cafe Santa Rosa. He started a small Cartonnage company, which made boxes from recycled boxes; this was Robert Santago’s first solo business in his hometown. In 1989 Robert Santiago purchased a large tract of land, which has become the largest shopping Mall in Brazil, called Manaira Shopping. Robert Santiago started with a modest beginning in 1987 and was soon developed and inaugurated on November 24, 1989, with 12,000 square meters of space and 94 stores.


Growth and Continual Expansion


Robert Santiago continued to grow his property and with the help of the Architectural firm of Carmen and Maria Raquel underwent the first expansion in 1993. The second enlargement soon followed in 1993. Robert Santiago continued expanding with the addition of the American Stores and Box Cinemas in December 2002, which offers 3D technology to viewers.

Robert Santiago has continued to grow his business every year with new additions, which bring more variety to his customers. In 2003 he began the original floors of Manaira’s parking garage. Again, in 2007 Robert Santiago expanded the total area of shopping space to 107,000 square meters and 260 stores.


Addition of Domus Concert and Conference Hall


In 2009 Robert Santiago designed and built the Domus Concert and Conference Halls as part of Manaira, which can hold 10,000 standing and bring seating to 4,000. Manaira has need for more extensive entertainment spaces and meeting halls for groups so it became evident to Robert Santiago to expand Manaira Mall to meet those needs and to anticipate those future needs.


Expansion of Parking and Food Courts


The year 2008 was an essential year for Robert Santiago since he developed the Mall’s Food Court. The Food Court was again expanded in 2012 and 2014 when the Food Square and Gourmet Food Plaza was added. The original parking garage has been extended to 900 parking spaces in 2017. Robert Santiago attributes his success to long hours, vision and hard work. Robert Santiago enjoys providing bigger and better service to customers as well as provide entertainment and a place of refreshment for tourists. Robert Santiago has made his latest expansions with Madeira in another part of town. Both Maneira and Madeira have been welcomed and signs of success First, came Maneira in 1989 and now Madeira in 2013. Both Maneira and Madeira reflect Robert Santiago’s vision and hopes for the people he seeks to serve.