Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions, Inc., are a cut above in the Financial Planning Industry

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc, an Austin, Texas based investment advisory service. He attended the University of Houston and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance.

He came from a family of teachers and while he was not a teacher in a traditional classroom setting, he saw firsthand how teaching can help have a positive impact on someone’s life. Blair found he had the ability to help guide people with their financial planning and investments and made that his mission in life.

 Blair always had a natural aptitude, as well as passion for finance and after graduating from college in 1993, he worked in the financial services industry. In 1994, he founded his own company, Wealth Solutions to provide unbiased advice to his clients. His goal was to help clients parlay their retirement plans into a successful and secure retirement. He helps his clients develop strategies for retirement income and to help them avoid the common pitfalls retirement planning and execution sometimes brings.

Wealth Solutions, Inc., is a registered investment advisory company that provides comprehensive and strategic wealth management and financial and retirement planning.

Rich Blar Wealth Solutions develops individualized financial planning, including retirement retirement plans for wealthy families and individuals and small businesses in the Austin, Texas area, including Georgetown, New Braunfuls, Bastrop, Houston and Marble Falls.

With more than 20 years in the financial planning industry, Mr. Blair is aware that as financial markets experience shifts, financial strategies should also change.

Wealth Solutions, Inc., develops dynamic, but conservative solutions that allow clients to minimize risk while maximizing growth. Wealth Solutions, Inc., works with clients to preserve their wealth and develop sustaining retirement income while preparing a legacy for heirs in later years. This strategy requires an all inclusive plan to help cover all the bases successfully.

The basic client goal for Wealth Solutions, Inc., is to create an investment portfolio based on clients needs and goals and contains appropriate diversification to meet those goals and fill those needs. Solutions are designed for the individual client as financial solutions are not “one size fits all.”

A component of the financial planning strategy is to take into account the level of risk a client is willing to assume. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, Inc., is an advocate of beginning financial planning at a young age.


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