Prk Recovery Day 3 //

PRK Recovery Time, Tips & What to Expect.

PRK recovery: what to expect during the healing process PRK is every bit the miracle that LASIK is. It just happens to be one of those slower miracles. PRK is. If you are interested in PRK to correct your vision, it is important to understand how the surgery works, especially the recovery time, which takes longer than LASIK and some other laser-assisted procedures. While most people recover quickly, the timeline is more like weekscompared to the mere days of. First Days of PRK Recovery – The first few days of PRK laser eye surgery recovery will mostly be dedicated to resting, to allow the healing process to take its course. You may experience some itching, minor pain, or discomfort during the first few days, but these symptoms clear up progressively as your eyes get a chance to heal.

Post-Surgery PRK: Day 12 Work Day 3 Well, I noticed on the drive in this morning that my left eye is clearer than my right eye. When I close my right eye, I hardly see any blur, but when I close my left eye, everything blurs a little. I went to Zumba and the ride wasn't too bad. I even went to the bus stop this morning without sunglasses on at early sunrise. Througout the day I was able to see the tv better, see my face better and use my computer. Wow did my eyebrows need attention! I took care of those and really tried looking at my eyes. I have some pretty dark circles. Your Recovery. Photorefractive keratectomy PRK is surgery to improve your vision. Your eye will hurt, burn, or itch for 3 or 4 days after surgery. Your vision may be blurry, your eyes may water, your nose may run, or you may feel like there is something in your eye. PRK eye surgery: What the doctors don’t tell you. After 3 days of sitting in the dark doing all 4 types of prescribed drops and not leaving the darkness of my basement the whole time Totally worth every penny!!!. Any doctor that tells you recovery from PRK is 2 days is crazy.

About one month ince my PRK. Had a checkup earlier this week. All is progressing well, and am now on 2 drops/day of FML from 3/day since surgery. Eyes are still a tad dry – doc wants me to continue Restasis and also use Genteal drops 7 times/day. Vision still fluctuates, but light sensitivity is gone. In late 2007 I underwent PRK laser vision correction surgery. This is sorta like LASIK, but instead of cutting a flap in the outer corneal layer, they chemically remove that layer, then zap you with the laser. It involves a longer recovery time, usually several weeks to.

PRK Recovery Tips: What to Expect After Refractive Surgery Chicago Cornea Consultants, Ltd are the leading providers of eye care & LASIK in Chicago. Will my eyes recover from PRK? It's been 1 month and 3 days since my PRK surgery and my vision is still blurry.

Despite the difference in the initial healing period, the PRK eye surgery recovery timeline is roughly the same as LASIK and the treatment achieves similar effects. The First Few Days. For the first few days after your procedure, you should spend most of your time resting with your eyes closed.

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