For Anesthesia in Austin, Nothing Beats Capitol:

Since 1973, Capitol Anesthesiology Association has been a premier anesthesia service in the Austin area. Employing 80 highly qualified physicians, they can be found at medical centers all over the capital city of Texas, providing a wide range of anesthesiology services. CAA not only does general anesthesia, but regional anesthesia to numb pain over a certain part of the body during surgery. Their physicians are also trained in pediatric anesthesia when children need surgery. For women who are about to give birth, CAA physicians can also give obstetric anesthesia to make labor less painful. For cardiac patients, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association can perform cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia during heart surgery.


CAA does more than just provide anesthesia services. The company is deeply involved in the community, aiding many charitable organizations. These include the Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Family Eldercare, Partnerships for Children, and Operation Smile.  Check on

Fantastic John Holt

At the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, John Holt shined by using his expertise to discuss all types of issues as a member of the panel. The conference was in New Orleans on November 7, 2016. Banking leaders, consultants and advisors made up the panel.

Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” was the topic that was discussed at the conference. John Holt was able make some impressive suggestions and give his input about the issues. With all that he knows, it was a positive experience for all of them people that were there.

John Holt is the CEO and the President of NetBank. NetBank deals with mortgage services, commercial banking and institutional services. Being a member of the FDIC, NetBank is respected across the nation, and they have a great client base that consists of a number of corporations.

In the future, they intend to increase their client base and position in their industry. With all the knowledge, experience and dedicated of the members of their staff, they will surely do well in the future. They are highly recommended to others by their clients, and they are respected for the results that they are able to produce.


Never Any Harsh SLS Or SLES In Healthy, Conditioning WEN No Lather Shampoos

These days, it really pays to know what are in in the beauty products you’re applying to your hair and face. Most of us don’t bother checking the bottles of our shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. We just assume that these common drugstore brands are watching out for us and selling decent formulas that repair any damage our tresses might have.

Unfortunately, we should all be doing a little beauty homework, because most of these big lathering shampoos are full of chemicals. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are too of the harsher agents that find their way into your shampoos. If you think about it, sulfates are also put into household cleaning products like liquid laundry detergent and dish soap.

Now, after that, would you like these SLS and SLES chemicals blended into the hair care products that you use daily?

Chaz Dean says most of us would not, and he should know. The famous west coast stylist is the creator of WEN hair care products, the no lather shampoo that’s loved around the world. Sure, there are many no-poo imitators, but Chaz Dean remains the true pioneer of healthy, alternative hair cleansing and conditioning.

You will never find SLS or SLES chemicals in a bottle of WEN hair. Chaz Dean launched his amazing hair care line with an holistic approach, bringing ingredients found in nature to strengthen and beautify hair.

WEN’s popular Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a five-in-one formula that takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner. This rich formula leaves hair of any type and texture in a smooth, soft, shiny state.

You don’t need sulfates to cleanse and moisturize your hair, because these cheap chemicals can’t do the job.

Try WEN and decide for yourself.
To learn more about the Wen hair, visit the product’s social pages on Facebook and Twitter.
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All You Should Know About OSI Group

These days, it is not just enough to offer quality items so as to pick up the trust of people in general. It is essential for organizations to show responsibility to be able to satisfy everybody included: Consumers, representatives and the groups they work together.

Since it opened in 1909, OSI has been devoted to conveying quality in a skillful way by streamlining forms and advancing expenses. OSI Group’s fundamental purpose of the center has been to help its clients make the greatest progress in their particular fields. Working as a family and continually remaining in contact with the neighborhood groups that cultivate it, OSI gives its client brands front line nourishment services at affordable costs. In spite of its vast size, OSI Group’s many accomplices have solid roots in their groups. The outcome is a relationship of trust that is helpful to whole groups of individuals.

Read more: Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Notwithstanding its close association with neighborhood groups, OSI Group works as an incomprehensible global system. It empowers it to give a worldwide inventory network of various items that are fit for fulfilling diverse markets. Very versatile keeping in mind the end goal to address issues, its creation is taken care of by a worldwide system. Each system adjusts to the nearby request. Spread through the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the OSI global system has more than 60 institutions offices around the globe. That incorporates the capacity to make and fabricate custom items that meet exact particulars with a specific end goal to get the best outcomes.

As a piece of OSI Group’s administration, meeting and direction for the plan of assembling and store network arrangements are given. They work with the clients to make answers for any food related test. They make use of innovation in their business. Having built up a broad scope of procedures that permit the making of a different quality of items, OSI is fit for appearing any food services to their clients. Also, new methods can be created to accomplish a particular and exciting outcome.

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An Insight on Comparative Law

An Insight on Comparative Law Comparative law is described as the theoretical study involving legal systems by comparing them with each other. Comparative law has a tradition that traces back more than a century. Comparative law has recently been able to acquire and practice importance due to improved globalization in world trade. This means there is need to conduct businesses in legal systems that are unfamiliar and also the move to law harmonization and codification where there is coexisting of some legal traditions. Hit for more.


Legal scholars have been studying comparative law extensively since it was introduced. Many universities and law colleges have taken up comparative law as a unit subject. Sir Henry Maine is known as the legal scholar who came up with the modern comparative law. He also served as professor of comparative law. The different legal systems that are studied in comparative law include the canon law, Jewish law, Chinese law, socialist law, Hindu law, and civil law. Comparative law has been applied to bring about unification and oneness of legal systems making the world one. has some interesting info for you.


The University of Oxford is recorded as the first university to ever offer comparative law as a subject unit. Law students have the option to choose comparative law as their primary study or study it under general law. The comparative law was initially introduced in the United States by a legal scholar who was escaping persecution in Germany. Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law. He works at the Center for Constitutional Transitions where he serves as the Faculty Director. He is also the founder. Sujit is a famous figure when it comes to comparative law and all its branches. He specializes mostly in comparative constitutional development and law. His work is to address the fundamental practical questions that arise from the comparative constitutional law. Sujit has lots of experience in law. Sujit has earned a reputation internationally as a skilled and efficient legal scholar. Check this out.


Sujit Choudhry is an author on matters of law. He writes about constitutional design as ameans of managing the shift from aggressive conflict to democratic politics that are peaceful in societies that are ethnically divided. Sujit has more than 70 publications of book chapters, articles, reports, and working papers. Some of the collections that Sujit has co-edited include the Constitution Making and The Oxford Handbook of Ideas. Sujit serves in the International Society of Public Law Executive Committee where he offers his contributions on law.


The Correlation between Fashion and Technology

According to Chris Burch, the tech and the fashion industries have a correlation, and over the years, the two industries have maintained a constant growth. While technology becomes fashionable, style, on the other hand, becomes technologically fashionable. The growth journey between the two is fascinating. A glimpse at their past and present can give light to what shines ahead for the two.


A Peek of the Past and the Present


Looking at how technology has metamorphosed, one can say that it grows with what one considers fashionable. For instance in the 70’s the boom box allowed one to carry favorite tunes and stations, with one side playing the music while the other recorded. This was, however, to be replaced in the 90’s by the Walkman which gave a more personal experience in music. A decade down the line, the experience has been made smaller by the invention of the iPod.


Synthesis in these two industries is still happening with fashion designers using technology to create what they see delivering. Anouk Wippretch is a Dutch fashion designer who marries fashion with technology. She relates technology to a playground of an experiment where when you dive deeper and deeper, it rewards you with endless possibilities. She is famous for her experimental designs. Some of her designs include the self-painting dress, drink-making dress and the DareDroid and the Pseudomorphs.


Fashion and Technology Relationship


Fashion apply technology to create protective gear for the bike protection which might not be considered fashionable. A good example is a system by Anna Haupt, and Teresa Alstin whereby and airbag pops from the neck to protect the wearer from a crash impact.


One can create energy by marrying fashion and technology. Movement can easily be converted to electric power. By marrying the two, it is easy to capture the kinetic energy and use it in new fashion design to power electronic such as mp3 and watches. Soledad Martin is applying this knowledge on a shoe prototype that will allow the wearer charge a cell phone while walking or running.


Fashion and technology are supposed to assist each other in gaining popularity. For instance, consider the Google glasses; from a technology geek point of view, they are intriguing. The problem, however, is that there is a stigma associated with wearing glasses.


To come to the rescue, models for Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, wore the glasses while on the catwalk. From this experience, a fashion show woke people up to the latest trend and style and acceptance of new technology.


About Chris Burch


  1. Cristopher Burch is the founder and CEO of New York-based Burch Creative Capital. The firm involves in managing ventures and brand development. On top of personal investments, he is also an investor with Guggenheim Partners. He became a billionaire in 2012 and appeared the Forbes Magazine of world’s billionaires.


Chris joined the fashion industry while still an undergraduate at Ithaca College when he joined hands with his brother to start Eagles Eye clothing with an initial investment of $2,000. They bought sweaters at $10 and sold them for 15$.


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Securus Technologies saves inmates thousands and solves crimes

Securus Technologies, the leading provider of prison telephony services throughout the United States, has been widely lauded for its large lineup of products that serve both inmates and staff in ways the competition only dreams of.


One of Securus’ most popular products has proven to be its suite of video visitation systems. These have been a blessing for the families of inmates who, in times past, would have been forced to drive hundreds of miles to see their incarcerated loved ones for just a few hours. This has allowed for inmates who may have passed their entire sentence without seeing their families more than a few times to keep in nearly constant touch with those who give their lives meaning.


An example of exactly how much value video visitation has added to the lives of inmates and their families can be illustrated with a real-life example. One inmate, from San Diego, CA, was convicted of armed robbery. He was sent to San Quentin, located 700 miles away on the shores of the San Francisco bay. For the first 5 years of his sentence, he only saw his family, a poor clan of Hispanic agricultural workers, once. The one time they went to visit him, it cost them $2000 by the time all was said and done. They couldn’t afford to visit again.


Then Securus video visitation was installed. Suddenly the cost of a 15 minute, face-to-face visitation dropped from $2000 to $2. The inmate talked weekly to his family for the rest of his stay and, upon release, did not recidivate.


But such enormous benefits are not limited to inmates. Video visitation allows staff to monitor all calls and prevent illegal activity from being carried out on prison grounds. Ultimately, between crime prevention and lower recidivism, Securus video visitation saves not just dollars but lives.

What is Kabbalah and How is It Different from Religion?

It seems like we live in a world where more and more people are looking for spiritual fulfillment. Our schedules get more hectic and our jobs grow more demanding and it becomes easy to grow disconnected with our spiritual source.

That is why many people who are spiritually hungry are turning to Kabbalah. Kabbalah is not a religion. Rather, it’s a series of spiritual teachings that relate to the mystical interpretation of Judaism.

The Kabbalah Centre accepts people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds to learn more about this ancient wisdom. With more than 40 locations worldwide, the Kabbalah Centre offers workshops and seminars that can help you reach a more spiritually fulfilling life.

The ultimate goal of Kabbalah is to bring a sense of spiritual purpose to one’s life. Kabbalah teaches us to shed our ego and superficial desires in order to find our true spiritual purpose. We discover that we are in fact ageless souls inhabiting a series of physical bodies and that God has given us each a unique purpose in this lifetime.

According to Kabbalah, there are universal principles that we must strive to apply to our everyday lives. These principles will help us let go of anxieties and past regrets and shed our egotistical perspective. By studying Kabbalah, we can become more grateful for what God has provided for us. In turn, we feel more fulfilled and whole.

Kabbalah has been around for over 5,000 years. The teachings reveal secret codes in the universe that give us answers regarding how to live our lives. Think of Kabbalah like a toolbox for all of life’s unpredictable problems.

Unlike religion, Kabbalah is rooted in education, not rituals. Teachers strive to share this wisdom with their students so that students may live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. People from all spiritual backgrounds can join the Kabbalah Centre and unlock the ancient secrets of universe.

21st Century Banking

Banking has come along way throughout the years for the wealthy as well as the average everyday person. These institutions give people of way of securing their assets for a small monthly fee. Whether it’s a big National Bank, a small Credit Union Center, or the Standard Community Bank. Did you know that many community banks offer some of the same products and services as the national banks? That’s right! We are now living in the “digital age” and this era has a lot of innovative technology for providing the best service. The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference was held in the Crescent City back in November 2016 and it was hit once again.


This year John Holt, whom is the CEO and president of NexBank Capital, attended the conference and was chosen as one of it’s guest panelist. This banker panel was all about “reinventing community banking” as a whole. Many industry insiders, bank leaders, advisers, and consultants had a chance to discuss any and everything about this style of banking. Whether it was the introduction of new and advanced technology, to sharing perspectives, and giving opinions on what can be done to improve the many services. NexBank was well represented here as John Holt took to the stage and discussed everything from branching, networking, and organic growth. NexBank is a premier Dallas, Texas Area Financial Institution that specializes in mortgage, investment, and commercial banking.


It’s also one of the leading regional banking centers in the South with over $4.0 Billion in assets. Community Banking can now rival it’s counterparts in this demanding industry as NexBank offer services such as online banking, treasury management, public finds, mobile banking, commercial lending, credit services, and more. The future is now here and NexBank is leading charge.


Makari: The Fairest of Them All

Countless of women desire a bright, flawless complexion. If you’re seeking the best products, look no further than Makari skin care. With their excellent customer service and secure ordering system, Makari is a leader in the skin-care world.

About the Brand

Makari has changed the skin-care industry for the better. While other skin care companies have focused in on lighter skin tones, Makari specializes in products for darker skin tones. Makari offers a vast array of skincare products at competitive prices. Their products are available to anyone in the world.

The brand is person-centered.You don’t have to pick up a style book or read a fashion blog to get expert advice. Makari cares about their customers, and they blog regularly. Everyone’s encouraged to visit for more product information. It is important to note that none of the products contain Hydroquinone, which has been tested to be harmful to users.


Makari offers products for your skin, lips and eyes. Here are a few:

The Wet Dry Compact powder

-Use for a flawless, matte finish.

Makari Eyeliner Pencils

-Whether you want to be bold, or sultry- these pencils will help!

Makari Lip Liner

-Accentuate your pout with these smooth lip-liners!

In addition, Makari sells other products, like perfumes!