Meet Clay Hutson: The Titan of the Music Industry and Event Planning

In the 21st century, the event planning and the music industry are the idols of the society. Every musician wants to have a show that has something that will give everyone something to talk about and trend in the industry. As a musician, you need to ensure that your Tour Manager is excellent in his skills because it is his/her responsibility to see that all the tickets are sold. For the newbies in the industry, it is crucial that you seek guidance on how to get to the top. Clay Hutson, does all this.
After schooling, Clay Hutson, went hunting for a job like any other graduate and landed a couple of jobs at different companies, where he worked at different positions, which helped him acquire the skills. He got a chance to work as the Project Manager. During the financial crisis, many firms were affected including Clay’s employer. He resolved to begin his company that designs, produces and manages events.
The art of acquiring skills in the market is essential. For Clay Hutson, he says listening to his clients and putting some long hours to see an event happen, are among the factors that land him clients. Clay Hutson says that being dedicated and commitment helps him get referrals from the musicians.
The other habit that makes him productive is being cautious with his work. He ensures that he gives even the smallest detail some attention, to see that nothing is wrong. He says that he understands one single mistake would lead to loss of his reputation. When they are traveling, he sees that all the duties that the crew needs to handle are all well outlined. The planning ensures there is no wasting time fixing things. Clay describes himself as an individual who will go to the extent of measuring the size of the doors, to make sure everything fits.
Kid Rock recently hired Clay Hutson as the stage manager. He, therefore, begins his day by arriving at the venue by 6:30 a.m. He ensures that everything is well set by his team, who get there in time as well. Clay then revises his schedule of the day to see that everything is accounted for fully. During the event, Clay works on planning and delegating duties to his staff on what to do after the event. This saves the time taken to dismantle devices and travel after the event comes to an end. Learn more: