Magnises is the Members Only Brand

Is it fair to say that Magnises is now called the “members only brand?” According to The Guardian, It is indeed, and Billy McFarland did a great job creating Magnises to do this. At the age of just 23, Billy McFarland decided that it was time to create a membership only platform that would bring working millennials together socially and ultimately professionally as well.

This is just one of the many reasons why this “black card” is so hot right now in New York City. The card offers “perks” that are outstanding as rated by the millennials, giving them discounts at most of the hot spots and trendy restaurants within NYC.

Young professionals will no longer have to rely on credit cards like American Express to show them an entertaining life, because now they have the “black card” from Magnises. Members can choose to link their new membership card to a debit card or the credit card of their choosing.

Brands like Tesla want to get connected with Magnises, and begin partnering with them on making the card better and offering more discounts for everything.

Young professionals will also be able to get access to private meeting rooms for their events, whether business or social, and they can also make good use of the concierge mobile app to get access to the benefits that are a part of what Magnises has to offer.

Text messages can be sent out to gather information for the evening according to the member’s preferences. That is just amazing.

The benefits just get better for Magnises members when complimentary champaigne comes to the table, or better yet, members also receive a complimentary dish while dining at an exclusive restaurant.

The membership is fully active in NYC, San Fransisco, and Washington D.C., but Magnises is preparing to expand. The goal is to reach young professionals from all backgrounds, and the monthly membership fee can now be paid monthly at $25 per month.

Magnises is growing, and the benefits are growing. There isn’t much left to the imagination about what Magnises can offer. There is so much to enjoy with the Magnise’s membership.

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