Lovaganza Cultures from Around the Globe

Lovaganza is a panoramic, fully immersive multicultural experience, hoping to educate and increase tolerance for different cultures. Their goal is to help people find out what “unites us and makes us unique.” Lovaganza is not set to start until 2020, but there are traveling shows to give you a snippet of what’s to come. You can experience the amazing technology of Immerscope with 180 degree wrap around screens and 3-D glasses of Lovaganza. The traveling show will give the patrons a chance to explore the world with an exhibit “Walk Around the World.” Every culture from each continent is represented through the different films, animations, and exhibits.

The main show will take place from September to May 2020 in different flagship locations around the global on Tumblr. It will feature ground breaking films, exhibits, animations, and other dazzling entertainment from different cultures around the globe. The theme of the experience is “Embark on a Bohemian Adventure.” There will be three main shows: 2020 for Unity, 2025 for Peace, and 2030 for Abundance. The finale show will take place in 2040. Each show will bring with it its own unique experience and brilliance.

The cutting edge technology on celebmafia.com of Immerscope allows the patrons to be fully immersed in the experience of the show, feeling like they are right there. The 180 degree wrap around screens with 3D glasses bring this brilliant and beautiful movies to life.

Lovaganza is the entertainment company that is gearing up for the main festival in 2020. Lovaganza Foundation is the non-profit that benefits from the proceeds of the festival. The Foundation works to spread their humanitarian efforts around the world. The company went around the world to film these beautiful and exotic movies to educate people about the different cultures of the world. Their goal is to unite the world through education. Lovaganza sets to start in 2020 to bring the ultimate cultural experience from around the globe.

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