Jose Hawilla — Budgeting and Investing the Professional Way

If an entrepreneur is not good at managing money, they will never be able to succeed. The ability to manage your funds is the foundation for proper accounting and budgeting. An entrepreneur understands the basics of money management, and they understand the advanced topics of investing. Entrepreneurs must be able to properly budget, because without this skill, the bank accounts of the company will always run dry. You will think you have money to pay for necessary expenses, but, in fact, you have spent the expense fund on personal needs! That will quickly cause failure. Having a budget in place will allow entrepreneurs to keep track of their spending, and it will help with saving for future investing. You must be able to differentiate between a necessary expense and a frivolous expenditure. By prioritizing your expenses, you will do the business a great service. A great way to manage your business’s money is by taking the necessary step of having an accountant on your team. If you are a small startup, there are also many great apps on the market that will assist with better money management.


Investing money wisely is the key to growing your business’s funds. Businesses must obtain financing all of the time. Successful entrepreneurs have a great financing plan in place to keep money flowing in even when revenue is low. You must have multiple ways to earn money. The businesses that earn the most money are those that budget their funds well and invest wisely. The best investments will return money through dividends and profits.


Jose Hawilla has invested money in various places throughout Brazil’s market. He has assets that will help his businesses grow and continue to have funding for many years. Jose Hawilla knew the importance of budgeting and financing when he began his career. He carried the knowledge of how to budget his personal finances, and he took the budgeting of his businesses very seriously. Once he created his large firms, he hired accountants to watch the funds and ensure that the business was healthy. Jose Hawilla is an advocate for budget and financing. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.



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