Jim Larkin- Creating a Combative Citizen Army

The world needs people like Jim Larkin who stirred the beauty of equal working rights making the unskilled and skilled workers feel special. Jim lived in slums of England and had an unbearable life with no education, he focused on manual work and eventually becoming the leading voice of Ireland Workers.

Jim Larkin born of a self-effacing family in 1876 joined the dock workers at an immature age, and his precision decision tactics saw him rise to foreman position. He joined the worker’s socialists with the strategic power of giving his fellow better working conditions and payments, and he gathered massive of workers to enter the Docks Labourers and the Nations Unions of the Organizers.

In 1905 he became the full union member working day and night to negotiate for his fellow unskilled worker’s rights and benefits. His tactical move and fast thinking saw Jim Larkin moved to Dublin in 1907, becoming a vibrant unionist and adapted to using tactical and attracting styles that made workers powerful under his voice. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

The dedication of his followers saw him creating a stronger union by combining the skilled and also unskilled workers under one union umbrella. The Irish Transporters union became the general workers union for all Ireland people.

The union under the mentorship and guidance of Jim Larkin was unshakable and robust with some of the government official joining the move due to its excellent skills. The union core agendas were fighting for all workers regardless of education, class, age, and race to enjoy decent gains that will enrich their families.

Jim Larkin decided to make the general union more attractable and resistible by making it a political party and James Connolly became a significant player in the party.

Their combined power and strength saw the duo start the most significant strike in Ireland that lasted for nine months with the government giving workers the ability to have pension programs, overtime payments, and eight hours of works, adult suffrage, Arbitration courts and also have the public transport and canals in every city.

Jim Larkin played it rough and also safe using the strategy of boycotting of government goods and sympathetic strikes. He created the famous Irish Citizen Army believing that a fair day for every worker needs to be crowned with fair day pay.