It’s time to Invest in Oil and Natural Gas Freedom Checks Courtesy of Matt Badiali

When Matt Badiali announced freedom checks with potential gains of up to 5,889%, 8,839% or even 39,832%, many thought of it as another investment scam. The man behind it is a financial expert and an experienced geologist who has a B.S in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences from Penn State University. Matt also went to Florida Atlantic University and the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill where he attained a Master’s in Geology/Earth Sciences and a PhD in Sedimentary Geology respectively. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

He has widely traveled the world visiting and personally examining mine, oil well, and natural resources companies interviewing their CEOs and analyzing valuable investment geological data. Going as far as Hong Kong, Haiti, Switzerland, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, and Turkey, he goes to see if the prospects are genuine from the ground rather than depend on reports only. In his travels, he has made valuable connections with influential people and leaders of oil and mining companies as well as experts in precious metals and natural resources who keep him updated on current and future discoveries, technology, and trends. To substantiate his investment success claims, he quotes a gold mining stock he purchased at $0.06 per share that he went on to sell at $2.64 per share in just two years. Watch this video at Youtube.

Explaining about the checks, he notes that oil and natural gas production has decreased in the Middle East, but there has been an increase of the same in the US. Oil and gas enterprises in the US are then bound to increase their profits drastically and are offering freedom checks when you invest in them. With the fracking boom, America’s desire to be energy dependent has led to potential investment opportunities in natural resources companies.

The firms that distribute these checks are “Master Limited Partnerships” (MLPs) producing, processing and transporting oil and natural gas in the US. To qualify as an MLP, companies should distribute 90% of their earnings to investors. The checks that MLPs send to their investors are the freedom checks. Matt Badiali has estimated $34.6 billion checks amount in the next year.

About 568 MLPs are giving monthly and quarterly freedom checks that resemble stock dividends that return on capital rather than income. They are received tax-free unless a person wants to sell them where they will only be taxed capital gains rate that is lower than income tax. The shares can be bought easily and the checks received by mail or can be deposited directly in an investor’s brokerage account.