How to become a Lawyer in Brazil

The law profession is very respected and popular among Brazilians. However, becoming a lawyer in this country is not a walk in the park. The candidates have to go through a lot of training to understand the Brazilian law.
The Brazilian law is believed to have originated from the Portuguese Law. After the country became independent in 1822, it managed to create its law system. They created autonomous legal institutions, and new legal professionals were needed to serve them. In the year 1827, the country managed to establish its first law school in the city of San Paulo.

Although the state used the Portuguese roots in its legal system, this has not hindered the nation from adopting other foreign practices. For instance, the civil law is believed to have been started by the French people in the nineteenth century, and it has already found its way in the country’s legal system.

If you want to become a lawyer in Brazil, you have to undergo some training. First of all, an individual has to pass the Vestibular, graduate with a degree and then pass the national bar examination.

When doing their studies, the law students must study some mandatory subjects to graduate and become lawyers. These subjects are categorized in three axes: The professional education axis, the practical education axis, and basic education axis. Without these subjects, an individual cannot graduate to become a lawyer in the Brazilian system.

The only way to fulfill this is by going for some internship. These internships are provided by companies, law firms and any other institution that deals with law activities.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most experienced and qualified lawyers in Brazil. He has his law firm in the country, and it is recognized to be the biggest in the country.  At first, he rented a small office to operate in. In the past, he has had the opportunity of defending some public figures in the country.

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  1. After the vocational training that is offered at the University, a law candidate is supposed to develop complementary activities. It was not until Ricardo completed his education that he began his career. It also makes it possible for to have what is needed to make sure everything would be very important all the ones.

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