Gooee IoT Smart Lighting Soon To Be Dominating The Retail Scene

Marketing initiatives are about to get brighter. Bright ideas are springing forth from Gooee IoT lighting and they are about to become incorporated in day to day life and new marketing initiatives. Gooee IoT lighting is about to become integrated into many new building structures catering to the modern world of consumers and the retail marketplace. Not only will consumers love this new realm of shopping but it will become easier for merchants, retailers, and vendors to reach a wider audience, sell more of their products and gain more rapid feedback on their products while spending less on marketing initiatives. How will this all be so easy?


The average consumer already shops with their smart phone or smart watch in hand to grab the best deals on what they are buying through apps that give store discounts, brand discounts, and cash rebates for products purchased at the store. Gooee IoT lighting senses light at the level of the human eye and the sockets will all be equipped with WiFi and bluetooth. This will enable to sockets to see a customer in the aisle, detect where they are in the store and send their smart phone or smart watch a coupon, offer, or rebate offer to the products right in front of them. This will bring a heightened awareness to the customer, will give them new incentives to try and buy product, and will give the vendor a quicker route to make money and get feedback from the customer.

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