Goettl’s Celebrates Its 78th Anniversary since Its Establishment by the Gust and Adams Brothers

Goettl began providing air conditioning services at a time when the cost of owning a home was $3800, a gallon of gas was priced at 10 cents, and a dozen of eggs went for 18 cents. The founders, Gust and Adam, were the first to provide air conditioning solutions to car owners. The Austrian-Hungarian natives soon gained international fame for their unique innovations in air conditioning. With time, they developed award-winning products that provided both cool and heat. During their tenure at the firm, Goettl once held 100 patents simultaneously.

The 1939 business celebrated their 78th anniversary in February 2017 on Valentine’s Day, the same day that the state of Arizona celebrated its 105th anniversary. According to PRNews, Goettl’s business strategy has evolved for more than eight decades with the expansion of products available for heating and cooling. Goettl survived during World War II and currently services customers in Arizona and the Southwest region. The chief executive officer of Goettl, Kenneth Goodrich, stated that while the firm has achieved massive growth and expansion, the values and commitment are the same since 1939. He revealed that the founders valued innovation and quality, which is resonant Goettl’s products and services. Ken purchased Goettl in 2013 and opened a Las Vegas office to accelerate growth.

Goettl provides the highest quality of air conditioning, repair, maintenance, replacement and customer care. It received a BBB accreditation for its efficient customer care and innovation in the AC field of technology. All of the company’s technical team have a proven clean drug test and professional training. Currently, it has regional offices in the valley of Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, and Southern California. In 2017, Goettl earned the “Best HVAC” title as voted by subscribers of the Arizona Foothill Magazine.

Apart from selling products and services, Goettl provides independent advisory regarding AC, such as:

  • Eliminating air restrictions in filters
  • Blocking direct sun
  • Programming a thermostat
  • Installing fans
  • Maintaining the AC system

Goettl responds promptly to customers seeking repair and maintenance services. In the past, clients have rated the services positively on review websites such as BBB. Currently, Goettl has more than 70 percent positive reviews on the forum.