Goettl Air Conditioning Is Honoring Veterans

Goettl Air Conditioning is honoring veterans with a special award that is just for people who leave the service and go into the HVAC field. These people are trying to start new careers, and they cannot do that unless they are working with Goettl after going to school.

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Ken Goodrich wants to make sure that his company is able to help people who want it, and he also wants to know that he is giving people the things they really need. The $1000 award is given to a veteran who just got out of school, and it goes toward that person buying tools for their new career. They need to have these tools if they are going to have a good career, and that is why the award is so special.

Ken Goodrich has been in the industry his whole life, and he wants to make sure that anyone who wants to join it can do so with the right tools. It might seem like a small award, but it helps people buy all the tools they need to have a much better career. That means these people can go to work for Goettl, or they can go into business on their own.

Ken Goodrich also wants to help these people by making sure that he has given them the help they need with this one award. It is easy for people to stay cool with Goettl, and it is also important for people to remember that they can try a new career if they want. There the award that helps people buy tools, but there is also the amazing company that Ken Goodrich has built at Goettl Air Conditioning.


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