Find Out What’s so Special About Lime Crime’s Latest Product Launch

Lime Crime just dropped its latest makeup product innovation and they are already becoming the talk of beauty bloggers everywhere. The adorable little eyeshadow palettes feature five of Lime Crime’s most fun and funky colors and they come in the absolutely most unbelievably cute packaging.

Each eyeshadow palette comes incased in the most clever and fun package – which has become a staple of Lime Crime’s signature look. They look like actual Polly Pocket toys. If you have never seen a Polly Pocket, well, first, you must have missed the ‘90s entirely and second, you need to give it a Google immediately! They are the most precious little toys that open up to reveal a fun little home for Polly.

LimeCrime is nothing if not an original brand. From day one, Lime Crime has committed itself to only rolling out products that fit with the brand’s goal of never releasing anything that their own team isn’t totally obsessed with.

Lime Crime is a totally unique brand. It was founded by Doe Deere who has been nicknamed the “Queen of the Unicorns.” Lime Crime’s fan base is basically obsessed with their products and they call themselves Unicorns because of their unfailing commitment to expressing themselves unapologetically through their makeup colors and styles.

Doe Deere left a corporate life in the fashion world to found Lime Crime. At the time, she simply wanted to launch a brand that fell in line with her passion for bright colors in makeup. She boldly pushed forward in spite of the fact that at the time bright colors were certainly not popular in the main stream world of make up. The company literally exploded and within a few years had cultivated a huge pack of fans that avidly buy Lime Crime as well as advocate for the company via their blogs, social media and through personal recommendations to friends and even strangers they meet on the street.

The rollout of the new line of polly Pockets continues that passion for expression by giving Lime Crime fans not only a great set of eyeshadow shades but a way to express their creativity each time they pull out the little Polly Pocket eyeshadow palettes.