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01/04/2019 · Conversely, in Avengers: Endgame, Thor has left the better, stronger version of himself behind. His fat body is a physical manifestation of his mental state — that is, a mess — and yet the audience is invited to laugh at it, and by extension his trauma, along with the other characters. 23/07/2019 · Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame. One of the many secrets Marvel did a great job of hiding in the leadup to Avengers: Endgame is that Thor Chris Hemsworth gets fat. Unable to cope with his failure to kill Thanos before Thanos snapped away half the universe, Thor retreats to the small village. 25/04/2019 · Fans of Avengers: Endgame have one question on their mind: why is Thor fat? Find out, plus find if Thor will be in 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3.'.

26/04/2019 · Avengers: Endgame shows us the God of Thunder in a whole new way. And we see a lot of him. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has never been more isolated or hopeless, but he also provides some of the film’s funniest moments. Thor got a heavy-duty role. 18/08/2019 · Chris Hemsworth transforms into Fat Thor in an awesome behind-the-scenes video from the Marvel Studios epic Avengers: Endgame. After killing the Thanos in the first act of Avengers: Endgame, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor dealt with his grief and guilt by turning to drinking and isolation that resulted in him gaining weight. There are a lot of reasons fat suits are problematic, but let's ignore the intrinsic issues with those prosthetics/CGI alterations in favor of examining how Endgame uses Thor.

08/06/2019 · Also, at the beginning of Endgame, Thor’s appearance looked exactly the same as it did in all of the other Marvel movies that he had appeared in before. This meant that there was simply no time for Chris Hemsworth to try to put on as much weight that was needed for him to adequately portray his character’s new role in an authentic way. Thor: Ragnarok showed that Chris Hemsworth is best utilized for his comedy. He was overly serious throughout Thor and Thor: Dark World, and those are universally considered some of the worst of MCU, and remain some of the worst performing as far a.

28/04/2019 · While some may see Thor’s Endgame persona as a caricature of a drunken oaf, there’s nuance to the performance that complicates the read as pure problematic comedy. More importantly, Thor doesn’t see the commentary as fat shaming. He takes Frigga’s advice to heart. He recognizes that he’s not a leader and he doesn’t want to be. 26/04/2019 · There’s something so jarring about seeing a man who you know could lift your whole body one-handed in that fat suit that you can’t help but react. But honestly, fck what Tony Stark says, Endgame Thor can definitely still get it. 15/10/2019 · Some people took exception to “fat Thor” in Avengers: Endgame, not so much in Thor himself, but in the reaction to him. Some fans were uncomfortable with the notion that Thor’s failure was being played for laughs. However, this is not fat-shaming in the traditional sense.

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