Fanfiction Di Jay And Lonnie 2020 //

CHAPTER 4: JAY & LONNIE. In the green path of Auradon Prep the former thief and the princess maneuvered the elaborate maze in wonder, laughing each time they reached a dead end or lead one another in circles. She would pester Lonnie about her activities later. The warrior princess let out a deep breath then continued for the green path. Lonnie stepped down the stone steps and sat on a bench right outside the elegant maze that lead to the garden. There she waited for Jay, who was running late. About ten minutes passed and Lonnie assumed he reconsidered. FanFiction unleash. Jay text Lonnie again to let her know he was on his way. When he stepped outside of the school to the empty, dark campus, he heard a familiar voice call him from the side. Surprisingly, it was Chad, who was leaning on the side of the school smoking a cigarette. Ben stated. Jay and Lonnie shared looks, but neither of them could say anything since Ben continued talking. "A mission to the Isle." _ In which, Lonnie and Jay have to go to the Isle to find something very special. There are dangers and threats on every step they take, will Jay be able to keep Lonnie safe from the darker side of the Isle?

Meeting With The Potential In Laws. Jay was enjoying the many chocolate treats on offer at parents day when he saw Lonnie showing her parents around the grounds, "And this is the grounds" she told them with a smile but her mother looked at her father unimpressed, "I still think that we should suggest a larger labyrinth" the woman said. Li Lonnie, the more than capable beautiful daughter of Mulan who hadn't once treated Jay like dirt. Jordan who has been teaching him all about what he was. YOU ARE READING. Jay x Lonnie-Love Story Fanfiction. I ship JANNIEJay x Lonnie and I noticed there are no fanfics about them so I decided to make one.HOPE YOU LIKE IT.P.S I haven't watched the movie jet so the characters might not act like they did in the movie but I tried my best!!. Jay has become infatuated with a certain pirate, though for the longest time he thought that he would end up with Lonnie, she was beautiful, gorgeous, smart, talented, knew her way around the sword, but a certain blonde haired, brown eyed pirate who was practically the definition of sunshine caught his eye, and he can’t fight these feelings. See, told you I wasn't done. Anyway this will be set after Descendants 2 so if you have not seen it yet there might be some minor spoilers. This story will focus on the eventual pairing of Jay and Lonnie, Jay is the son of Jafar and Lonnie is the daughter of Mulan and Shang.

Bad is the new good Descendants fanfic Chapter 7. Lilly. While all, this was going on, Jay and Lonnie were standing around the corner to their friends, out of earshot. JAY, chapter 4. HE SAW LONNIE'S FACE expression change. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She then shook her head and stepped closer to Jay. "I'll go, you don't have to face your father.".

Fanfiction Di Jay And Lonnie 2020

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