Eric Pulier, Successful Entrepreneur, Technologist, Author and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is a very interesting and unique individual who is not only known for being a successful entrepreneur but also a technologist, author and philanthropist as well.

Starting out as a graduate from Harvard with a Magna Cum Laude he has now founded over fifteen companies such as Desktone, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform and Akana just to name a few.

Mr Pulier has also built and run projects for Bill Clinton and Al Gore during Bill Clinton’s second term as president. A couple of these projects were the “Bridge to the 21st Century” which was to celebrate their 2nd inauguration and at another event he communicated in real-time while interacting with the space shuttle astronauts.

Mr. Eric Pulier published a book titled Understanding Enterprise SOA, this book was rated very highly for its in-depth content and easy readability helping the reader to think differently about technology.

As a philanthropist Mr. Pulier used technology to help physically challenged children and economically underprivileged communities in the United States and the world. For the Multiple Sclerosis Society he created multimedia programs to educate people with the Multiple Sclerosis disease. He has been honored for bringing technical advances to Africa’s health care needs. He founded Starbright World, a social media platform for children who have serious childhood diseases. MR. Pulier also serves on the board of The Painted Turtle, this is a summer camp devoted to children with chronic illnesses.

Eric Pulier has had a very impressive career as an entrepreneur in the technology world. But he didn’t just stop there as he saw economically and physically needy people around the world he used his talents to help ease their needs. Eric Pulier is a very successful entrepreneur and a great humanitarian.