Doe Deere Rocks The World Of Makeup With Her Newest Sensation Scandal

Lime Crime quickly became referred to as the darling cosmetic brand of the internet. This term came from over 2.6 fans following the company on Instagram. The line of Velvetines has become a classic and there is a lot of excitement about the newest edition called Scandal. Doe Deere is the creative mind behind the company and developed Scandal with the same luxurious formula and long-lasting shine of her other products.

The lipstick goes from liquid-to-matt beautifully and the color is a cross between violet and purple. The hue is amazing, certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, and is 100 percent vegan. The new lipstick designed by the company is an intense plum and users will be adding the perfect pout and drama to their lips. The name scandal is perfect because this lipstick is all about drama and depth. The trend is on target for the season and US Weekly proclaimed the purple lipstick solidified the status of boss lady and oozes sex appeal.

Doe Deere of LimeCrime designed this lipstick for the girls who have the right attitude and want that punk-rock edge. When it is combined with a bold black eyeliner the statement is beautifully controversial. For an irresistible pout, the users should use lip balm approximately fifteen minutes before they apply the lipstick. A tissue should be used so any excess oil can be patted away. For refined edges, a lip brush should be used to apply the Velvetines right onto the lips.

The finish of Velvetines looks like soft velvet but it is bullet-proof. You can easily use oil or a waterproof makeup remover to remove the Velvetines when the day ends. Doe Deer admits she adores rocking with Scandal underneath he Trip Diamond crusher. She says it highlights her lips and the violet undertones of Scandal shine through. This is a look many girls may want to try considering her incredible use of bold colors and cosmetics. Doe Deere has developed a line of the most sensational colors including Raven, Fetish, and Jinx. Not only are the colors magnificent but the names conjure images of unique looks and incredible possibilities.