Did George Soros Give Black Lives Matter $33 Million?

The political rumor mill on the right has been slowly constructing a theory that the Black Lives Matter was originated and funded by Hillary Clinton supporter, George Soros. They have even picked out a specific number that he has used to fund the real-life and online protests. That number is $33 million. Many doubt these claims as the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t really have a centralized hub where it could be funded in such a way. The rumors are still swirling around Soros, that Black Lives Matter movement, and the presidential race.

The Black Lives Matter movement at http://foreignpolicy.com/author/george-soros/ has been in the news lately as they have been protesting the unjust and unfair treatment of African Americans by the police force in the United States.  Conservatives have even gone as far as to refer the BLM as a terrorist group funded by people with a liberal agenda.

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The O’Reilly factor brought on a guest, Kelly Riddell, who had performed an investigative report for the Washington Times that was geared towards linking George Soros financially with left-wing charities. She came up with the number $33 million that people say that he used to both originate and fund the Black Lives Matter Movement in the United States. She stated that the BLM organization was started by three women that worked for a George Soros run left-wing charity geared towards community organization and activism.

This number has been disputed as all of his charitable donations are open information. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation raised and gave away $823 million last year. $33 million of that was earmarked for social justice spending for domestic issues. 1/8th was just used for the war on drugs. Ken Zimmerman, the director for the Open Society Foundations, has stated that the claims that George Soros funded the Black Lives Matter movement in any way are completely false. He says that there is just no information to support it and no way that this type of money could be used to fund a movement that is so splintered and grassroots in its nature. He has theorized that this is an attempt by the right to pin the Black Lives Matter movement on Hillary Clinton to hurt her campaign.

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