Class Dojo Changing Teacher And Parent Communication

One of the biggest changes in the school environment has been the use of technology in the classroom. Many teachers are using technology to help in all aspects of classroom learning. Recent technology innovations such as the smartphone combined with the use of the Internet have made technology an integral part of the classroom environment.


As more teachers are using technology to help with teaching students, there are more technology companies bringing new technology to the market that can be used effectively in classroom environments. Regarding the smartphone, one of the most popular aspects of the smartphone is the apps. The apps used on smartphones provide users with a variety of capabilities. For teachers, there are numerous apps that can be used to help in a classroom environment.

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One of the most popular smartphone apps related to use by teachers is the ClassDojo app. The app is based on a communication platform that allows teachers, parents, and students to communicate through use of the system. The ClassDojo app contains multiple features and functions. The app provides teachers with the capability to upload homework, grades, photos, videos, and other school related material. Once uploaded by teachers, students and parents can access the various materials on the ClassDojo platform.  See this on


While teachers have numerous functions and features available on the ClassDojo app, students and parents can also upload a variety of material to the ClassDojo platform. Students and parents can upload material such as photos and videos to share with others on the platform.


An aspect of the ClassDojo app that is receiving a lot of attention by teachers and parents is the communication capability between teachers and parents. The use of this communication allows teachers and parents to keep in touch on a regular basis concerning students.


The ClassDojo app is being used in many schools across the country, and many people have very positive comments about the app.

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