Doe Deere Morning Routine

The fashion Diva and the famously known queen of cosmetic, Doe Deere has been in the limelight for quite some time now. Her innovative and entrepreneurial skills have helped grow her business to the level that few people expected. Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia before she moved to the United States. Her journey in the makeup world did not happen by chance. She recalls days in her childhood when they used to dress up like witches together with her friends. That is the time her love for makeup started.


Not many people have the guts to start up a business from scratch and take it through to a level where it starts making big profits. Nonetheless, for Doe Deere taking risks has been part and parcel of her life. She started doing business while still in grade school by selling tattoos to her colleagues. After making some profits from the small venture, she realized her passion for entrepreneurship. At the age of 17, Deere moved out of her home and went to pursue her music career in New York. While there, she joined the Sky Salt band where she met her husband Mark who happens to be the current president of Lime Crime.


Doe’s Morning Routine


Despite the fact that Doe Deere is a successful woman, her morning routine is just like any other person’s. She always wakes up at exactly 8.30 and does not need an alarm clock. But how does she manage to do that? She admits that she is a morning person and her body has somehow gotten used to that. The first thing she does after waking up is taking a glass of water because of the dry Los Angeles weather. After that, she follows with a few stretch workouts before getting down to her breakfast.


Makeup Routine


Makeup is a ritual that cannot escape the owner of Lime Crime even for a single day. She always turns on some soft music to accompany the ritual. She starts by making her hair to match her signature look with a curling iron. Her hair is usually dry by morning since she takes a shower at night. She makes sure that her face is washed and applies foundation on it. It is important to note that her company Lime Crime does not sell foundation at the moment but will start doing so soon. Doe Deere loves spending time with her two cute cats. Learn more:


Julie Zuckerberg: A Resounding Name in the World of Finances

Julie Zuckerberg is the best person to approach if you plan to kick off a career in the financial sector. Julie is a seasoned and globally acclaimed financial executive and recruitment lead based in Manhattan, NY. She is one the most successful and accomplished women in the corporate world and her prevalent reputation and stature adduce her excellent skills and aptitude. Julie is currently serving the Deutsche Bank as its Vice President and Lead Executive Recruiter. It is noteworthy to mention that the Deutsche Bank is a truly global and one of the leading financial establishments of the world, which is in the business since 1870.


Julie has a rich career in finance which is defined by an extensive work experience with several leading financial institutions. She started her career in 2002 as a Hiring Manager at Hudson, a firm which she served for the next five years. During these five years, she honed exceptional experience in recruitment. At Hudson, Julie made a success out of every task she encountered. She successfully recruited case managers, secondary staff, and attorneys for the bank in both temporary and permanent positions. Her job at Hudson reflected a devotional dedication and passionate urge for innovation while providing her valuable insights to employees in making their careers illustrious and great.


In 2007, Julie went on to join the Citi Bank as its Executive Recruiter. Her extraordinary skills made her an important player in the bank’s establishment. Apart from providing her state-of-the-art skills to the management of the bank, she also introduced new trends in employer-employee relationships. She is known for imparting new hiring strategies, and recruitment policies to the Citi Bank. After working for Citi Bank for 7 years, Julie started working for Deutsche Bank. Starting as an Executive Recruiter, she rose to the position of Vice President in a short time.


Julie Zuckerberg specializes in training and coaching recruitment teams. At Deutsche Bank, he the leading figure in formulating and implementing recruitment strategies. With her 15-year long experience, she is dedicated to improving overall hiring process at Deutsche Bank, with a special emphasis on improving screening and selecting candidates for various posts ranging from lower staff to managerial staff. She has used her outstanding recruitment skills to induce the best candidates to work for her institution. Julie’s brilliant skills continue to benefit the Deutsche Bank in multiple ways.


Julie Zuckerberg was born in and grew up in Manhattan, surrounded by an aura of financial ingenuity. She studied Philosophy at Brooklyn College and later earned a Law degree from New York Law School. During her career as a recruiter that spans over two decades, Julie has internalized advanced skills and expertise in a wide range of subjects including Leadership, Management, Executive Staffing and Conflict Resolution. Besides her specialization in the recruitment process, Julie has an unimpeachable capability in dealing with all aspects of a financial institution.


As a person, outside the corporate world, Julie is interested in several extracurricular activities, ranging from photography and physical activities to exploring food outlets. She also spends her free time in seeing art galleries.