Getting Started in the eSmoking World

The world of eCigs, vapes, and much more has been growing like no other. Being new to this world may make it seem very overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from like which brands to smoke with, what type of setup is needed, etc. So here’s a little introduction for anyone new to the electronic smoking world.

When looking for any form of eCig the first thing to look for is accessibility. Having an easy to use eCig as a beginner is all that’s needed. Any new eCig smoker should be able to pick their cig up and smoke at ease, without having to deal with any form of extra settings, options, buttons, or anything else that can make such a simple process more complex than it needs to be. One thing to know as a new eCig smoker is that a refill will be needed just like a vape needs refills. From first sight, it’s common for people to think eCigs don’t need or can’t get refills which is very understandable for anyone new into this realm of smoking. These juices can be purchased on sites like O2pur or at most local smoke shops.

Now with vaping, there’s a bit more that goes into it than just getting some eCigs. A vape can be tailored to the personal wants and needs of a smoker. O2pur does a good job at offering the basic essentials for anyone trying to get into vaping as they offer a perfect 40watt starter pack. This is just the right size for any starter as not many new vapers want to be carrying around a fat battery for a vape they may not be using avidly yet. On top of that vape and eCigs offers a handful of flavors that can suit any smoker’s needs. Allowing the smoking experience to be not only tasty but better smelling too.

Some flavors/juices that are perfect for any new eSmoker should be somewhat low in nicotine level, roughly 0-6mg, and offer a taste that is enjoyable no matter the occasion. Things like nicotine level and flavor preference will change with time, and that’s the fun part, experimenting with flavors adds a new layer to the smoking experience. Flavors can be fruity, tart, natural, and much more. Juices can be found on O2pur, any local smoke shop, and local vape oriented shops too.

The eSmoking world may seem very intimidating at first glance with all sorts of items and pieces being needed. With due time any new eCig smoker or vaper will get the hang of it all. In a matter of time, everything will feel beyond comfortable and the smoker will be more knowledgeable about their purchases and any topics at hand.

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