Ryan Seacrest Foundation Opens Multimedia Centers for Children During Pivotal Time

When the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) was founded, there was tremendous enthusiasm among those who were involved in the process of bringing its concept to fruition. The enthusiastic concept for RSF began from a casual conversation between Ryan Seacrest and family members during dinner. Ryan’s idea was to have a segmented media center to inspire children while they’re receiving life-saving treatment at pediatric hospitals.

The RSF builds multimedia centers for pediatric hospitals all across the nation. The foundation is dedicated to inspiring youth, as well as providing knowledge about the multimedia and the entertainment industry. Through education initiatives, the RSF connects with children of all ages. The goal is to have an atmosphere for them to explore the aspects of radio, television, and new media outlets while experiencing a positive pivot from their healing process. The multimedia centers, named Seacrest Studios, encourage optimism, stimulating excitement and an uplifting environment for both the children and their families. The fun concept has been a welcoming experience. In 2016, the RSF received the Cynopsis Social Good Award.

According to Ryan, in June, the RSF received support from the actor, Blake Cooper, who visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Both Ryan and Blake share a bond because they’re both Atlanta natives. Blake shared his time with the children and parents in the Seacrest Studio, while actively participating in the learning and education process. He also shared a private screening with the children of his upcoming movie, “Measure of a Man,” in which he plays the part of a bullied teen.

Ryan Seacrest, the TV and radio show host, who also is the Chairman of the foundation, has been a public figure for more than a decade; however, the RSF is a commitment that he chose above the celebrity nature of public success. Ryan has put a spotlight on pediatric treatment and the need to bring a sense of normalcy to the lives of children, while they’re going through the unimaginable. The RSF recently opened its 10th multimedia center, with aspirations to expand worldwide. The foundation also offers an eNewsletter for people to continue their interest in knowing updates and volunteer information. For more updates, visit Ryan’s Twitter account here.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere and her brightly painted face covers instagram. Inspired by the likes of Dita Von Teese, Deere is a business woman and an artist. Recently, she was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine. Her brand, Lime Crime, is explosive and has a cult-like following in the world of make-up. Some call her the leader of a pack of fearless unicorns! Unicorns, unique women not afraid to celebrate what makes them special. Stylist Magazine recently profiled the unique business leader and her one of a kind make-up company.


Lime Crime is a digitally-native beauty brand; a cult favorite and leader in the social and digital marketing space. Lime Crime’s mission, headed by Doe Deere, is to revolutionize makeup, this includes how you shop for makeup to how makeup makes you feel. Lime Crime’s make-up, unique packaging, and vegan/cruelty free products are setting trends everywhere. The high quality make-up helps you feel your best in your unique way. Some products (like their fantastic lipstick) have become mainstream must-haves.


Doe Deere began building Lime Crime in 2004 when she registered the name as her eBay shop. Invoking her favorite color (bright green) and rhyming, it was a fun idea. Now, people associate Lime Crime with color revolution, rule breaking, and acting (coloring with make-up) outside the lines. Lime Crime’s customers have fun with makeup and do not take themselves too seriously. The unique name makes Lime Crime memorable and stand out in internet searches in what how now become a massive market.


Located in LA, Lime Crime is available to women (and men) all over the world who are searching for bright colors and easy to use makeup that is high quality and packaged as creatively as the endeavors of the customers. Lime Crime and Doe Deere want customers to express their personality unapologetically through Lime Crime’s many products. The looks are individual, just like the customers. Whether you want a sparkle, a deep hue, or an non-traditional color, Lime Crime has you covered.


While the road to cult status has not been smoother, and like any company, there are negative perceptions on-line, checking the Lime Crime website, or watching instagram posts by the company and customers will show that there is no doubt this unique brand meets the needs of its faithful customers. The perfect shade of Lime Crime will put a lasting smile on your face – and everyone you meet. Learn more: http://www.womendailymagazine.com/doe-deere-entrepreneur-inspires-us/ 

The Unique Mighty Fortress Church and other most beautiful churches in Minnesota

The Unique Mighty Fortress Church and other most beautiful churches in Minnesota
If you are a visitor in Minnesota and a Christian for that matter, it will not be hard to get a lovely place for you to join the people of Minnesota and worship together. Many churches have a rich history and with stunning architectural designs. These churches are pleasing to the eyes of any person even those who are not Christians. Some of the most beautiful churches include;

Cathedral of St Paul, St. Paul
The church is not just beautiful; it is also the third largest church in America. The church is possibly the most beautiful structure in Minnesota State. It sits at the top of Summit Hill and overlooks the beautiful city if St. Paul. The iconic build dates back to the early 1900s and tits architectural design was inspired by the French churches in Paris. The church features French renaissance and has a very beauty dome at the center that is 186-ft tall.
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, New Ulm
The cathedral is among the oldest churches in Minnesota. It was built in 1896. The architectural design is beautiful from in as well as from outside. From the inside, the church is decorated with images of Christ, the twelve disciples, and angles. It as a gold trimmed columns in its nave. From outside, the church has a clock tower and is it designed in the Baroque-style of architecture.
Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis
It is one of the landmarks found in the city of Minneapolis. It dates back to 1900s. It bears the Baroque and Beaux- Art architectural designs. From the inside, the basilica is sufficiently detailed and ornate.
Mighty Fortress church is yet another magnificent church in Minnesota. The church is unique due to its style of preaching. The church is very dynamic and friendly welcoming every person. The uniqueness is also defined by the progressive multi-dimensional method of ministering.
Mighty Fortress church offers a very different atmosphere. Instead of focusing on everyday rituals, the church aims at making the service and entire worship process very modern and entertaining. Every person regardless of race s welcomed to the church and is encouraged to use the Word of God to solve daily problems.
Bishop Williams is the face of the Mighty Fortress International as he is the senior pastor of the church and also the founder. He has over 30 years of experience in the ministry. Preaching and doing all he has been empowered to do. He believes that only the word of God can fight the existing evils of racism, poverty, and disease among other diseases. He aims at uniting all people through a dynamic all-inclusive ministering.

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Neuro Care: Transforming the Journey to Sound Mental Fitness

Depression has always been subject to scrutiny and ignorance. There are myriads of misconceptions which surround the condition, and people tend to forget that it is a mental illness which should be taken with seriousness. For instance, about 6.7 % of the total population in the U.S is suffering the disease and is more common in women. Anyone can have depression irrelevant of their age or social status. Below are a few facts that show why the disease should be taken with utmost gravity.
It is the primary cause of suicide
One reason why the world should not ignore depression is the fact that it is the number two cause of deaths. For example, the numbers of deaths in the year 2014 due to depression were about 42773.Every twelve minutes, one person commits suicide in the United States .a situation that would have been avoidable if these people were offered help in advance.
External factors trigger the condition
There are many factors, which cause depression, but we cannot point fingers to one and say it’s the primary reason. However, people who go through stressful situations such as financial instability, relationship problems or even losing a loved one are at a higher risk of getting the disease.
Signs and symptoms are not visible
People suffering from depression do not display similar symptoms. However, the most common ones include constant emptiness, sadness and sometimes even numbness. Others sleep too much while others do not, drastic weight loss or gain, irritability, fatigue and even lack of concentration while others don’t display any of these signs which makes it difficult for one to know. The ones in the last category are usually okay on the outside, but in reality, they are going through a lot of turmoil and pain.
Other facts
 Depression takes many forms such as major, persistent and postpartum
 It affects the general health of the body
 It’s the leading source of disability for people in the 15-44 age bracket
 It is treatable no matter how severe
 There is need for more funds for extensive research
Neuro care brain performance center
The Neuro care center was founded in 2004 and is based in Michigan and takes a whole new approach to treat mental conditions. Neuro care uses the latest ‘technology in neuroscience to offer brain assessments and data-driven diagnosis to their patients. All this is to help kids and adults be able to manage stress, improve their concentration and even sleep to leave them with sound mental and physical health. Due to its effectiveness and exemplary performance, the center continues to expand and now has another branch in Florida. Some of the conditions which the center treats include ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism and plenty others. It boasts fully trained doctors and state of the art facilities.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America and its role in Cancer Lifeline

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have currently created a program called the clinical pathways. The program is created in partnership with the NantHealth and Allscripts. In this program, physicians can be safe from guesswork especially for the conditions that they may not be sure about. The centers have come up with a system where after the disease has been diagnosed, the patients have the opportunity to select the best alternative from all the available options. The patients have the liberty to consider their economic options before settling for an option. Currently, the inclusion of the eviti solution has provided for more chance for the doctors to use practical means of treatment after a successful assessment.

Why the pathways are important
Usually, in treatment, a physician may overlook certain instructions that may pose a danger to the health of the patients. In using the pathway program, the doctors’ steps can be traced without affecting their work. The program ensures that the undertakings by the doctors are monitored without having to risk the lives of the patients in the process. Equally, the workflow of the doctors is not affected, and this does not alter the attention of the physicians during the working process.
The inclusion of Allscripts in the program
Allscripts is an independent body that deals with information technology especially in health care programs. In their technology, Allscripts focuses on creating a single community that connects people especially the doctors and the patients. Since the pathway programs are meant to monitor the operations of the physicians, Allscripts brings together the data so that the same program can be used in all the health care centers. Currently, the program has been embraced in all the five cancer treatment centers of America. The fact that the physicians are connected gives them an opportunity to offer better healthcare for the patients.

Avaaz Addresses The Torture of Animals

Among the issues that Avaaz is taking on is the torture of animals on farms. For one thing, the meats that people eat come from farms. It is bad enough that the animals have to be killed in order to feed people. Things get worse when it comes to the method of killing the animals. An unfortunate occurrence has been discovered at one of the farms. A farmer by the name of Adriaan Straathof has a few farms where animals are being tortured. As of right now, there are ideas being bounced around as to how to put a stop to all of this.

One idea that is being passed around is to enforce stricter laws with the purpose of making it so that Adriaan Straathof is unable to farm. After all, these practices are cruel to animals. Often times, people who engage in these types of practices are not going to change the way they do things. Therefore, it is important to find ways to keep him from doing this to his own animals. The nature of these atrocities committed on the farms are more than disconcerting and revolting. Fortunately, Avaaz has shed some light on this issue for various people in the world to see.

Among the atrocities that have happened in the farm is that tons of pigs have been locked up with nowhere to go. Also, sick piglets have been beaten to death. The farm areas have also been overcrowded. Another disconcerting thing is that a lot of animals with broken bones have been neglected. There are also animals with organs sticking out. Given the nature of his offenses, Germany has banned his farming. With a reputation as gruesome as Adriaan’s, it is only a matter of time before he loses his farms completely and permanently.

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Highland Capital Management Founder And President James Dondero: Improving People’s Lives

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Dallas, Texas based Highland Capital Management. A graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and finance, he’s a certified management accountant as well as a chartered financial analyst. Dondero has spent more than 30 years in the financial services industry. He has a great deal of experience in credit and equity markets.

In 1984 James Dondero began his financial services career when he joined Morgan Guaranty’s training program as an analyst. The next year he became a corporate bond analyst with American Express. During his four years there, he became a portfolio manager dealing with fixed income funds valued at about $1 billion. Dondero went on to become chief investment officer at GIV, a subsidiary of Protective Life. Under his leadership the value of the company, which was founded in 1989, grew to $2 billion.
Dondero then left and co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993.

Highland Capital Management offers a wide array of award-winning products as well solutions for retail and institutional investors. The company currently has assets under management in excess of $14.9 billion. Some of Highland Capital Management’s affiliates include NexPoint Advisors, Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Residential Trust, NexPoint Capital, and NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund. In 2014, Highland Capital received 5-star designation from Morningstar for Global Allocation, the Floating Rate Opportunities Lipper Award, as well as having their Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund voted top ranked by Morningstar.

In addition to his work with Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is also board chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint and NexBank. Plus, he’s on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Dondero also provides support for a variety of charitable causes, activities and organizations. Among them are SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, Uplift Education, Education is Freedom, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Snowball Express and the Perot Museum of Natural Science.

James Dondero has donated millions to charities and non-profit organizations in the Dallas area. That’s just one manifestation of his commitment to helping improve people’s lives.

The Investment Advice of Agora Financial

Many people in the United States and other parts of the world would like to invest their extra money but do not have sufficient information on the most profitable areas. Agora Financial is a leading private publisher offers reliable continent on market forecasts and financial advice. Its main offices are located in Baltimore, Maryland. The information that the company provides assists people in multiplying their wealth without depending on help from brokers. It also enabled people to invest in the most profitable businesses.

Agora Financials offers newsletters, publications, books, online articles, and also organizes workshops that give the people excellent investment tips. The content that it provides has benefited more than 1,000,000 readers who wish to venture into various industries. Agora’s publications cover 20 different fields. They inform people on secrets of generating income, strategies for keeping wealth safe, and how to find investment opportunities that have a high potential.

The financial advisor has ensured that all the researchers that serve it are independent and unbiased. It also motivates its analysts to travel to across the globe to find the best investment opportunities for clients. Agora Financial spends more than $1 million annually in trying to find new opportunities that have not been discovered by many people. It believes that individuals who are preparing for their retirement need to invest in new businesses since their shares are cheap and have a growth potential. The advice that is offered by the company has enabled many people to invest wisely.

Agora Financial has attained success since it is served by well trained and experienced professional. Its team of experts includes a former president’s banker, a Harvard University geology graduate, a self-made billionaire, a best-selling author, a leading bonds specialist, and an ex-hedge fund manager. The firm correctly predicted events such as the rise in oil prices, the growth of the biotechnology sector, and the 2008 mortgage crisis.

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Understanding the Early Music Career of the Audi Casio

Currently, Audi Casio may be well known for being a player in the finance industry. However, in before becoming a success in this field he was in the music industry. He started his career as one of the founding members of Viper rock band. Together with his band members, Audi and his team started their music career in 1985. The other team members included Pit Passarell, Andre Machando, Felipe Machando and Yves Passarell. The band was popular and Audi Casio played the drums in the team, which he was very good for.

Audi Casio was a great drummer whose expertise was revealed to the world at the launch of the band’s first album. He played with the team until 1989 when he left the band and music career. Reliable sources say that he would have excelled in his music career if he had continued in this line. The killer sword, which was the band’s first demo album, traversed the entire world. The band released its first album in 1987 with Audi playing the drums.

The album was released as it received a four star rating from All Music. The album has since been redone and released because of how great it was. Audi existed the music industry in 1989 after the group released a successful second album titled the theatre of fate. Upon leaving the group Cassio Audi joined university where he graduated with bachelors degree in business administration . He then moved to the University of Sao Paulo where he pursued an MBA in finance. His early music career might have been long forgotten but his drive for excellence has not. It can be assumed that he started excelling and doing everything with perfection from a long time as seen by his progress in the music world.

Honey Birdette Delights Fans with Announcement of UK Expansion

Look out UK, here comes Honey!! Austria’s favorite lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, made a recent announcement that had its flock of diehard fans in the United Kingdom jumping for joy. Honey Birdette will be increasing its physical locations to 40 stores by the close of 2018. This news comes on the heels of Honey Birdette opening three locations in the United Kingdom last year. Those three locations have become so popular that they not only draw in visitors from outside the cities they are anchored in, but tourist destinations for those who visit London’s Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White – the first three locations.

The first round of openings will include 10 new stores in the United Kingdom. Known locations include Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and an additional location in Westfield. Honey Birdette currently has 55 locations in Australia. It has been thought that Honey Birdette is also scouting locations in other areas of Europe that would be successful with the company’s high end clientele.

Honey Birdette is one of those brands that is absolutely cherished by Australia. It was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 after she shared cocktails and a conversation with a close friend about the lack of upscale lingerie boutiques in Australia. While the two loved upscale lingerie, the closest high end boutiques were all in Europe and Australia offered nothing that catered to high end tastes.

Each Honey Birdette location has a personality entirely its own. However, all feature the same glossy black doors the company is known for, luxurious décor and an incredibly wide collection of lingerie, accessories and toys for the bedroom. Guests of Honey Birdette are invited to have champagne as they work personally with one of the store’s expert “Honeys,” who create a fun and exciting shopping experience. The store features a variety of lines to suit every taste. Guests can shop anything from soft and subtle silk negligees and slips, to extremely sexy lace ensembles. Honey Birdette even features a complete line of S&M apparel and accessories for those who want to be a bit daring in the bedroom.