Using Edisoft to Create Smarter Shipping Solutions

The accuracy of logistics is a vital part of the economy at large, especially when it comes to manufacturers and retailers operating with time-sensitive products and services. Using data to precisely schedule the shipment and receipt of items have now begun to flourish even more with the arrival of better logistics technology. This data comes from the use of GPS tracking to improve real-time updates and the inclusion of the mobile platform for shipping and logistics.


Supply chain performance can now be quantified, which helps all providers to effectively plan out the timeframe of shipment arrivals and budget expenses for international tariffs and storage costs in the interim (About). Data groups related to shipments are particularly available for international trade, due to the increased variability from multiple parties being involved in the process. Of course, the information gathered must be accurate and up-to-date to offer the most relevant solutions for supply chain operations and logistics.


Software developer Edisoft works to deliver these solutions all in one convenient platform for the distribution or manufacturing company. Edisoft was established in 1995 and is based in Toronto, Canada with a clientele that spans the globe. Through intensive research and development, Edisoft has simplified the logistics process and optimized supply chain performance through its series of software packages. The comprehensive product line from Edisoft provides a solution for businesses of any size.


Edisoft offers shipping integration which helps to speed up the process from order receipt to the package leaving the warehouse. The software provided captures data and automates more of the work that is involved with every shipment, sometimes cutting the processing time by half. This addition also improves the workflow efficiency from start to finish and allows team members to generate more productive labor.


The software company also provides solutions for in-house organizations as it relates to orders. When an order is processed, Edisoft’s integrated software can automate the prioritization of certain rush orders, as well as automatically sending needed information to the central database in considerably less time than manual data entry. Edisoft products are also able to comply with standard operating procedures and can generate reports for corporate bookkeeping.

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