Nick Vertucci: Giving Back Through The NV Real Estate Academy

Real estate investing provided Nick Vertucci with the financial lifeline he needed to get out of debt and become a multimillionaire. Vertucci is so grateful someone introduced him to investing in real estate, he created the NV Real Estate Academy to help as many people as possible learn to make money by using real estate. Nick Vertucci’s life is the quintessential American rags to riches story with a little twist. Bad choices as a teen left him living in his van. By luck and pluck he built a successful computer sales and service company, got married, bought a home and had some children.

Life was wonderful for Nick vertucci until the real estate bubble burst. Overnight he lost his business and his income and was struggling to pay his bills. Things were bleak for 18 months. He was holding on by the skin of his teeth and looking for a way a way to feed his family. Then a friend took him to a real estate seminar that changed Vertucci’s life dramatically. When he left the seminar, Vertucci had a vision and a plan for improving his cash flow and his life. He used the lessons he learned to buy some properties, repair them, sell some, rented out others and generated a great consistent income and become financially secure.

But Nick Vertucci was not satisfied. He continued to do research on finding, buying and selling real estate for the next 10 years until he had created a system so simple anyone could use it. He used it to create his popular Fortunes in Flipping program many people have used to make lots of money. Still not satisfied, Nick Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy to help even more people learn to make money from finding, fixing and flipping real estate. For Nick Vertucci it’s a labor of love and it helps him to transform lives like his friend had done for him all those years ago.

The NV Real Estate Academy gives people the tools they need to start from scratch and create a lucrative career in real estate.