Information About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson lives in Nashville, TN. He has been working as a stage manager, sound engineer, and tour producer. His role is to help the artists to make live performances and he is always there so that he can ensure that everything going on is working properly so that the gathered crowd can appreciate the performance. Being an ambitious man, he ensures that what he does makes him the best because he has the music passion and anything that might be related to music. He offers his clients the following services; production management, show production, design, rigging, managing the logistics, monitoring machines and managing the stage.


During his early time when he was starting his career, Clay Hutson used to tour and work with the Billy Graham Sound team. He acted as the sound engineer. What made him follow his heart is his rock music passion which drove him to focus mostly on the music industry. In his career, he has traveled to Australia, Europe, and North America and helped world greatest musicians. He has also achieved in bringing most entertaining live shows.


He offers turnkey solutions and his clients refer to it as budget friendly. The clients note it because it is delighted and full of surprises. He helps the client start from ideation, a budget needed for the execution site. That will make him as the first shop that you can stop when in need of event preparations. He will work well to a point of producing your music.


It was a decision that Clay Hutson made to join Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in their second leg, Soul2soul. Despite it, the country not to be able to tour from 2007 in the world tour. When they had toured, they had high demand and it made them extend and they needed Clay Hutson this time so that their tour can helm with an exciting live production.


The world tour kick kicked off on 31st May 2018 in Richmond, Virginia. The second Soul2soul leg will feature Caitlyn Smith and is the one to open the act. Devi Dawson was to follow, then Brothers Osborne, NEEDTOBREATHE, Seth Ennis, Midland, Prince Margo and many others. That tour made Clay Hutson feel being honored when joining the amazing world show which McGraw and Faith Hill organized.


  1. Clay Hutson has got respect from the world and he has worked with great musicians like Kid Rock, Kelly, and others without forgetting Guns “N” Roses. In the last two decades, he has helped musicians thrive in live performances. Learn more: