Teenager Milan Kordestani Makes His Mark In Equestrian And Farming

Stanford, California born Milan Kordestani is a talented teenager with diverse interests. He has drawn attention for his amazing skill in equestrian and used the income and platform it generated to found Milan Farms and write about agriculture, health and a variety of other topics. While most other teens are just beginning to focus on making a career choice, Milan Kordestani has already made significant progress as a medal winning equestrian, CEO of an organic farming operation and a published author whose articles have appeared in several well-known publications.

The people around Milan Kordestani knew by age 10 he was a special talent. By then he had attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school, lived in London, England, returned to California after his parents divorced and began taking riding lessons. When a horse threw Kordestani during one of his first lessons, he calmed himself and the horse, got back on and rode it into camp. A star was born. Not long afterwards he began winning equestrian ribbons and medals. Experts praise his natural form, hard work, drive to win and courage for being willing to ride the most challenging world-class horses.

Milan Kordestani won the equestrian triple crown’s first leg in 2015. Then at the Worlds Championship Horse Show, he placed fourth. In the triple crown’s third leg, the American Royal, Kordestani took third place. His ascent in equestrian continued in 2016, when in his age split at the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division of the World Championship Horse Show, Kordestani took second place. Many equestrian experts look at his poise, rapid improvement and the way he handles CH His Supreme Reflection, his horse, and say he is marked for greatness.

As CEO of Milan Farms, which Milan Kordestani founded as a high school sophomore, he oversees an operation where organic saffron, mint and free range poultry and eggs are produced and sold worldwide. Kordestani is the first saffron farmer to hydroponically grow the spice on microfiber sponges. The innovative Milan Farms uses drip irrigation and is experimenting with aquaponic and hydroponic systems with different mineral and salinity levels to improve productivity.