Drew Madden’s Approach To Solutions In The Medical Industry

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneur Drew Madden who also doubles as the company’s chief executive officer. Drew Madden is one of the few medical professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of information technology. Madden has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade providing solutions to individuals and institutions. Drew Madden majored in Industrial Engineering in the University of Lowa. As a business leader, Drew Madden understands that the success of any enterprise is pegged on its ability to champion innovation, build strong customer relations and establish a competent workforce. His experience in the field of IT is an added advantage because the field of medicine relies on advanced technologies to provide therapies to patients.

Some of Drew Madden’s strengths include excellent organizational skills, ability to plan for the future and understanding of the power of technology to medical industry. Drew Madden has partnered with some healthcare service providers to come up with software solutions to the process of medical reporting. Drew Madden began his career as a consultant of Cerner Cooperation. He worked with the company for two years before moving to Healthia on the same capacity of medical consultant. When Healthia was acquired by Ingenix, Drew Madden was appointed the regional sales director of Ingenix. During his tenure at Ingenix, Drew Madden got the rare chance of offering consultancy to Epic, GE-IDX and Allscripts Services.

Drew Madden also served as the President of Nordic Consulting Partners. His duties at the company varied from product development to supervising the everyday operations of the firm. During Drew Madden’s time as the president, Nordic recorded impressive performance regarding revenue and the number of employees in the company. With the experience he’d gathered from the corporate world, Drew Madden decided to start his venture in the field of medical services called Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Evergreen Healthcare is a consultancy that offers digital solutions to the health records department of the medical field. When enterprises invest in technologies that help them organize their information, they can understand the effectiveness of the solutions and scale up. Drew Madden’s company also offers opportunities for hospitals to upgrade their IT infrastructure so that they are up to date with the modern way of providing medical solutions.