Banyan Hill Publishing: Jeff Yastine and the Kennedy Accounts

Jeff Yastine has an important role at Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves as the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing, and he joined the firm in 2015. He has more than 20 years of experience as a stock market investor and Financial journalist at the center of financial world affairs. During his time at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff (known as JL) has had the opportunity to become the editor of Total Wealth Insider. This isn’t what has gained him the most fame however. To make a long story short, it is his discovery of the Kennedy Accounts that has investors all abuzz.

What are the Kennedy Accounts, you ask? In a nutshell these are accounts that allow you to buy a stock at $5 $10 or even $25 below their price. Needless to say, people have made a fortune simply because of these accounts. Jeff Yastine has been at the forefront of investigating this alleged loophole in the system. Of course, the main question he is seeking to answer would simply be this: are the Kennedy Accounts legitimate? Or is it simply just another Nigerian prince-type of scheme? Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

Remarkably, what Jeff uncovered is astonishing: yes, the Kennedy Accounts are, in fact, legit. They are so named because they were established by John F. Kennedy to get America moving again. You see when Kennedy was first running the economy was in bad shape which is precisely why he started these accounts in the first place. So why is it there is a lot of people that think they are nothing more than a scam? Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Well, simply put, Wall Street does not want you to know about these accounts. They are filed under IRS Code 852, meaning that they can be purchased under Direct Stock Purchase Plans, abbreviated as DSPP. Presently, there are as many as 449 companies that allow you to purchase their stock under these plans. Interestingly enough, the reason Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about these stocks is simple: it cuts out their share of the pie. Because of that, these company slash a percentage off the purchase price.

That’s right you can actually buy these stocks at a discount, and now you realize why Jeff Yastine and the rest of the staff at Banyan Hill Publishing are so excited about this opportunity. Making you money: that is the main goal of everyone at Banyan Hill Publishing!

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