Greg Secker Gives Advice to Many Who Trade Forex

Greg Secker is a British businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He attended the University of Nottingham where he studied Agriculture and Food Sciences. After his attendance at university he worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services. His capacity there was working in the development department for foreign exchange trading systems.

In 1998, Secker was awarded the British Telecom Award after he created the Virtual Trading Desk. At the age of 25 years old he was hired as Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. While at Mellon he was able to learn the depths of Forex trading from seasoned financial traders at the company.

In 2003 Secker retired from Mellon to set up his own trading floor in his home. As he became more and more successful in his trading activities, he began to help and mentor others, eventually leading to his establishment of the Knowledge to Action Group. This group served as a marketing company for sales of his proprietary Forex Trading System.

By the year 2008, Knowledge to Action sponsored trading seminars in Ghana, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. Knowledge to Action became very successful and was a finalist in innovation and growth for the 2009 National Business Awards.

Greg Secker has been very outspoken about the viability of trading on the international foreign exchange markets. He compares it to the stock market saying that the stock market is too volatile and is not open enough for the small trader to make any importance. On the other hand, Forex is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and there are millions of traders all over the world. This makes the forex markets more stable and not as likely to blow the lid off the wheels of a smaller trader.

In 2010 Stecker formed the “Greg Stecker Foundation” for the purpose make a positive impact to improve the quality of life of people on a worldwide basis. The objective is to partner with various youth organizations with the goal of improving education, life skills and leadership qualities. Stecker is primarily interested in the Philipines due to the chaos left by storms and political upheaval.