Fabletics Even Impresses The Huffington Post

Fabletics gives women the chance to have stylish workout clothes that are easy for them to obtain. The company caters to all women and they know what they are able to do to help in different situations. Because of this, the company has been successful and has been able to help more people than what other companies are doing. This is something that Fabletics has wanted to do since the beginning of their business and since they started providing their services to different people who are in different situations in their lives and with their workout gear.


As Fabletics has grown, publications like The Huffington Post have published information about them. Recently, the publication talked about the crowd method that Fabletics relies on. The company knows that people like their clothes and they also know that if they continue to provide people with all of these things then they will be able to show them different options that will make it better for them. There have been many ways in which Fabletics has tried to make things easier and all of that has allowed the company to grow and has allowed more people to see that they are doing things the right way. Since people put a lot of trust into the opinions of their peers, they know what they can do to make the right choices.


For Kate Hudson, Fabletics was the perfect opportunity. She tried her best to make the company more popular and, in return, the company was boosting her image. She had a lot of faith in the company and the way that it would work to make things better. Since Fabletics has grown, Kate Hudson has also grown with it. She knows that the company will help her to try new things and that she can help them with the style issues that they have.


The personal stylists who work with Fabletics know what they can do to make things better for different clients. They also know that they are only able to find the perfect outfits for people who take the style quiz. It is important for them to try different things and for them to get more from the situations that they are in so that they can continue to do well with their own business. Anyone who is going to try and shop with Fabletics must take the style quiz so that they can be more successful.


Ever since Fabletics first started, they have grown. They continue to grow and people continue to see that the company will be a better one. The Fabletics idea is to help their clients out with the issues that they are having and they know that they can get more from the situations that they are in. Fabletics tries their best to help people out and to give them everything that they need to make their lives better. Clients who use Fabletics can take a lot away from the situation so that they can be more successful.

Mrs. Fabletics Fashionista

Fabletics by Kate Hudson is a fashion forward athleisure brand dominating the online market worldwide and has revolutionized the average sportswear. This company stands for the art of empowering women, and inspires them to always be the best version of themselves. They believe in the beauty of embracing every inch of a woman’s body and to love their own skin with every curve, flaw, body size, and shape.


In the last year 3 years alone, the company has grown rapidly with an expected projection in this year of 2017 to reach $250 million blossoming into an iconic multi million dollar brand. They are best recognized for their eCommerce approach that can be seen through their own website, to selling their merchandise on Amazon. They use a subscription mechanic to sell to their customers.



Mind blowing, right? Fabletics differentiates themselves by using the strategy of encouraging reverse showrooming. They have been a role model in showing how to turn online browsing into a positive. Here, the customer can go online and research products. The consumer can find information about the product before coming in store and has the ability to make a purchase in their leisure. This technique enables them to build relationships with their customers and has allowed them to get to know the local markets. Whenever a customer tries any form of clothing on, it automatically gets put into their online shopping cart.


As a result, 30-50% of their customers are already members when they walk into a Fabletics physical store. The other 25 % become members in the actual store.


In 2013, Kate Hudson was chosen to represent the brand by Techstyle Fashion group, Adam Goldberg, and Don Ressler. She was the perfect candidate for this position embodying all the qualities of an active and healthy lifestyle, to her passion of being involved in the design process. She helped pick out social media strategies and is very involved in the business overall. She is knows and takes count of which items sells. Authenticity is the shining core to Kate. She will only do something she believes in. It has certainly been showcased in the success of this business.



Prior to the company’s raging success, they initially had to overcome hurdles with a $300K loss of inventory with an added 6 month delay to make better quality products. There was also negative social media attention from celebs that added to mix.


By upgrading their customer service with a dedicated commitment to the overall quality of their products, rapid growth was the exact result turning this company into a multi millionaire dollar brand. This is seen from a retail growth of 644% in the last year alone with 1.2 million members worldwide.In addition, data was a responsible factor adding to their success. It records inventory design, how the individual customer is reacting to the product on social media, as well as inventory and quantity needed. This allows them to match the consumer to perfect outfit. There is a lifestyle quiz that matches your style to the Fabletics clothing available to you online. Whether in the convenience on your PC, smartphone, or laptop, you will be able to get your own personalized outfit picks for yourself by answering the questions. From here, you will be able to find out which gear of clothing is a best fit for you. Become part of the Fabletics Movement today!

The Correlation between Fashion and Technology

According to Chris Burch, the tech and the fashion industries have a correlation, and over the years, the two industries have maintained a constant growth. While technology becomes fashionable, style, on the other hand, becomes technologically fashionable. The growth journey between the two is fascinating. A glimpse at their past and present can give light to what shines ahead for the two.


A Peek of the Past and the Present


Looking at how technology has metamorphosed, one can say that it grows with what one considers fashionable. For instance in the 70’s the boom box allowed one to carry favorite tunes and stations, with one side playing the music while the other recorded. This was, however, to be replaced in the 90’s by the Walkman which gave a more personal experience in music. A decade down the line, the experience has been made smaller by the invention of the iPod.


Synthesis in these two industries is still happening with fashion designers using technology to create what they see delivering. Anouk Wippretch is a Dutch fashion designer who marries fashion with technology. She relates technology to a playground of an experiment where when you dive deeper and deeper, it rewards you with endless possibilities. She is famous for her experimental designs. Some of her designs include the self-painting dress, drink-making dress and the DareDroid and the Pseudomorphs.


Fashion and Technology Relationship


Fashion apply technology to create protective gear for the bike protection which might not be considered fashionable. A good example is a system by Anna Haupt, and Teresa Alstin whereby and airbag pops from the neck to protect the wearer from a crash impact.


One can create energy by marrying fashion and technology. Movement can easily be converted to electric power. By marrying the two, it is easy to capture the kinetic energy and use it in new fashion design to power electronic such as mp3 and watches. Soledad Martin is applying this knowledge on a shoe prototype that will allow the wearer charge a cell phone while walking or running.


Fashion and technology are supposed to assist each other in gaining popularity. For instance, consider the Google glasses; from a technology geek point of view, they are intriguing. The problem, however, is that there is a stigma associated with wearing glasses.


To come to the rescue, models for Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, wore the glasses while on the catwalk. From this experience, a fashion show woke people up to the latest trend and style and acceptance of new technology.


About Chris Burch


  1. Cristopher Burch is the founder and CEO of New York-based Burch Creative Capital. The firm involves in managing ventures and brand development. On top of personal investments, he is also an investor with Guggenheim Partners. He became a billionaire in 2012 and appeared the Forbes Magazine of world’s billionaires.


Chris joined the fashion industry while still an undergraduate at Ithaca College when he joined hands with his brother to start Eagles Eye clothing with an initial investment of $2,000. They bought sweaters at $10 and sold them for 15$.


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